First Post of 2017


If you came here thinking my first post for the year was going to be my resolutions, or something substantial—I apologize. I do not think I can kick-off the year, with something other than a few thoughts about the season premiere of The Bachelor. (I completely understand if you have decided to click out of my blog now, and watch The Golden Globes. I do not blame you. I also promise that I do have good goals for 2017!)

For some reason, I am still a Bachelor/Bachelorette viewer, and once again will watch the show that makes me question absolutely everything in life.

The second to last post I wrote in 2016 was, “Team Luke…Still.” Six months later, I am still #teamluke, but like many other disappointments in 2016, Luke still did not become 2017’s, The Bachelor. With bags packed and an open heart (again), Luke was left to fend for himself, as ABC scooped up Nick Viall—a Bachelorette Alum…twice over, a Bachelor in Paradise Alum…once over, and now for the fourth time, Nick has finally earned the title, “The Bachelor.”

Clearly, Nick is much smarter than your average person utilizing online dating apps day-in, and day-out. I mean really believing in true love with The Bachelor/Bachelorette series (at the age of 36!)—that takes a lot of faith in reality TV. Well played Nick…well played.


While the season premiere was actually last Monday, I didn’t get around to watching the show till Wednesday, and then on to gathering my thoughts until today…and I have a lot of thoughts. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, here is just my top ten:

  1. Right off the bat—Nick is awkward as shit. BUT he’s going to make for some good TV—his facial expressions, one-liners, and tears are going to be epic. (I hate to admit that as much as I would have loved Luke, Nick will be fun to watch.)
  2. What in the hell was that ”bro” group therapy session with past Bachelor/Bachelorette alums, Sean, Ben, and Chris? Like what normal group of guys do this?
  3. Red dresses were a thing y’all—like a BIG thing. Like OMG SHE’S WEARING A RED DRESS..AND SHE’S WEARING A RED DRESS…AND SHE’S WEARING A RED DRESS—and all the girls wearing red dresses, are hating on all the other girls wearing red dresses.
  4. Josephine and her cat. As much as I want to make fun of her, I honestly feel like one day I may be her, and I maybe closer than I think.
  5. Oh Corinne. We already hate you (and feel really sorry for your nanny…that you still have at the age of 24). She’s pretty much every girl’s nightmare, every guy’s dream, and she’s going to get far—like top five far.
  6. Danielle, she’s a neonatal nurse…enough said! She is clearly the most non-crazy, sweetest, and down to earth girl on the show, and will probably have no chance against the other hot messes. Sigh.
  7. Alexis, the girl who thinks she’s a dolphin. Do I need to say more?!
  8. Elizabeth, the girl whose already hooked up with Nick. Is it just me, or does it seem like she kind of wants a medal for this?
  9. Some of the most interesting introductions yet—the trust fall, an eskimo kiss, a dolphin costume, a “runner up,” hug tokens, a hot dog book, a camel—you’re intrigued now, aren’t you?
  10. These are all really smart, successful, nice women whom consist of a civil defense litigator, special needs teacher, nurses, mental health counselors, photographers, an aspiring dolphin trainer—Nick…don’t F it up!

I have a few (ahem 100) more thoughts, but we’ve got a few more months of this ridiculous show, so I’m going to save them! Based on Chris Harrison’s “prediction” that this is the most controversial/exciting season yet—I actually couldn’t agree more with him. Whoa…did I just say that?



Dress—Urban Outfitters; Sweater—Old Navy; Heels—TJ Maxx; Scarf—GAP
Here is another way I styled this light pink dress, and the gray sweater.

Girls at the Gym


The other day, while I was at a yoga class, I realized that I have a few gym-related pet peeves, all centered around girls. Why is this? I’m all about #GIRLPOWER, but at the gym, I find some of them to be quite obnoxious. For example

1. A few months back, I built up the courage to venture to the front of a very popular Zumba class at my local gym. (By “front”, I mean 3rd row out of a 10 row class). Girls line up outside the door 30 minutes prior to class (yes, it really is that good), and then race in so that they can get to the front. Since I’m in the class before, I get to see this shit-show take place. It’s like a pack of hungry hyenas running to grab gazelle scraps. Most of them absolutely LOVE staring at themselves in the mirror and making pouty faces while dancing. From my usual place in the back, it’s quite entertaining. I never noticed the “social-gap” between the people in the front and those in the back until that day. It first started off with one girl yelling “Get out of my way! You’re in my spot!” to a new girl. Then continued to say that she couldn’t see herself in the mirror. (Ugh…if I was the mirror I wouldn’t want to see her). Poor new girl. Luckily, a nice girl allowed her to stand next to her in the front. To which the plastic huffed and puffed about, then turned around to ask us, “Did I do something wrong? Am I not right? AM I NOT RIGHT?!” Then I’m pretty sure she z-snapped us.

Also, before I knew it a group of much older women (who definitely come every week to release their inner-sexiness), somehow managed to dance their way into the teeny bit of space in front of me. How this happened, is beyond me. They even turned around and gave me dirty looks as if I had taken their assigned spot. Older women + their booties + death stares = I’m scared.

Not only that, I got yelled at a couple times by the girl behind me that said “You’re all up in my space. If you can’t keep up move to the back.” There was so much animosity the front, that I was eventually forced to the back and have never ventured up there again.


2. There’s a girl in my Pilates class that comes in late every week and goes straight to the front of the class, next to the instructor. Then proceeds to pull out her cell phone and starts texting, surfing the web, answering e-mails, making phone calls, Instagramming, etc.—all the way through class. To make this even better, while doing the exercise she limply raises her leg or arm, while holding and staring at her phone. After that one set of exercises is done, she puts her phone down and then starts doing the poses that WE JUST DID, on purpose. She totally knows that while the instructor is teaching the next pose, everyone will be staring at her in the front. Therefore, she takes advantage of this time to show everyone how “awesome” she thinks she is at Pilates. WHY ARE YOU HERE? No one likes you…trust me.

3. The girl who places her yoga mat either RIGHT in front or RIGHT next to mine, every single week, and then proceeds to breathe extremely loud throughout class. Its common courtesy, in any yoga class, that you stagger the mats and place them a good distance away from each other. Not plop your butt down where you feel like it. Come on now…I actually care about yoga. I want to make sure I’m doing the poses right and you’re ruining my hour of Zen by breathing like a dinosaur in my space. Go away.

4. Girls that cake their make-up on for the gym. Like CAKE IT on. This is completely beyond me. One, you’re here to work out, not to win the Southern Belle Beauty Pageant. Two, you barely even exercise because you’re scared if you sweat, your mascara will drip down your face and make you look like a crack-addict. What is the point? Just wipe it off.

5. The girls who constantly strike a pose, after each and every single routine in Zumba. This isn’t drill team, no one is a football cheerleader, and this isn’t soul train. One or two times, after a really good song – I get it. But thinking you’re a Pussycat Doll – it’s just weird.

However, I’d like to give props to the girls who come in every week, try their hardest and are there for good reasons. I’m with ya – I don’t like them girls either. Ok, end rant.

DSC_0414_w text

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Cat in the Hat


We have a third birthday to celebrate. I know…how did that even happen? I don’t mean this in the OMG! Time goes by so fast! It’s been 3 years!—sense. I mean it more in the Whoa…you’re still here?—sense. In this era of, let’s say…”social media domination”, the blogging world is saturated. Practically, everyone and everything has a blog. Even retailers who already have great websites and content (i.e. J. Crew or Kate Spade) also have blogs. I believe it’s the best media for storytelling; which is what every marketer aims to do. The key is to form a bond with your readers or clients. The best way to do this is to give them the inside scoop, make them feel connected to your brand.

However, blogs tend to die off fast and for hundreds of reasons other than, the blogger gets busy. While, I’ve gone through times, even a month or so when I barely posted anything (eh…life happens), I’ve always tried to re-center myself and come back here. It still serves as my most creative outlet. Even if people don’t like my outfits, the way I write, my limited backgrounds, hell…even how I change the look every few months—I’ve made a commitment to it. Plus, there are a select few individuals who enjoy it too. A good blog doesn’t necessarily mean one that is inundated with comments, sponsors, viewers, etc. but one in which the writer truly enjoys what they are doing and has committed themselves to making it theirs or one that fulfills the mission of an institution/company.

In other words, let’s just say blogs (this one in particular) are not going anywhere. Well, mine may go onto a self-hosted platform one day, but that’s for us weird blog-tech geeks to be enthusiastic about. Here’s to another 3 years!



I really don’t know what it is about this outfit but I kind of feel like a Dr. Seuss character. Maybe it’s the hat? Maybe with the red/white/black and leopard print – I literally am the Cat in the Hat? Also, mixing leopard with stripes – I’m a fan. Like a HUGE fan. Now all I need is green eggs and ham.


DSC_0048 w text


To see how I wore this combo last year, click here.

P.S. Every year around this time, I try and put up a blogging tips piece. This year will be no different. Right now, I have a “How to Design Your Own Blog” post in the works. It still needs a few touch-ups but for the most part, it’s done. So, if you guys are interested in some first-hand knowledge about how to create a simple, well-thought out blog or website design, it’s coming. Don’t you fret.

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Leather & Butter – Do Not Go Together



Yes, I am a repeat offender. Kind of. Unfortunately, the two main pieces from the original post, Leather & Jewels, are no longer with us. Both the leather skirt and shirt were involved in a freak-washing-machine accident, having gone to their respective heavens just a few months ago. RIP.

I’ve since replaced one of them. Seriously though, why are all the black, leather skirts these days too tight, too short or too skanky? Anyways, this is still one of my favorite combinations – you can find the first take on this outfit here. While the styling and fabrics used are very similar – chambray, leather and shirt buttoned-up with a necklace, both looks are still quite different. I have to say, leather and chambray are kind of like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together.




Speaking of food, can I just plug in a blogging pet peeve here? Bloggers who call leather “buttery”. For example, “I love the soft, smooth buttery feeling these leather pants give off.” What in the hell does this even mean? Like how would you even know this, unless you actually sat down and spread butter all over your legs? Which I can guarantee would probably not feel that awesome. Plus, you’ll be slipping and sliding everywhere and getting it in unmentionable parts. Just simply say, “it feels smooth”. Don’t compare it to butter. I eat butter – and I love it. I don’t eat leather.

DSC_0920 w text

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Christmas Threw Up on Me & other Random Thoughts



It finally hit me that it was the holidays when I stepped into Hobby Lobby this past Saturday. Thanksgiving and Christmas pretty much threw up on me. The store is like a drunk mass of big ornament balls, yards of ribbon, creepy statues, sparkle-everything, toy trains, wreaths the size of houses, masses of red/green/gold crap and dozens and dozens of crazy Martha Stewart-esque/”OMG! This is the CUTEST snowman I’ve ever seen!!!” women—it was only a matter of time before it puked. I left with glitter bits all over me, a pair of antlers for my car and a renewed faith in why I love this holiday. I’m not going to lie, the holiday high must have gotten to me as well—I wanted to walk around with a sparkly, Christmas tree cone on my head announcing that I was a unicorn (my friend, Ameeta was less than thrilled with this action).



Now that my brain is in its beginning stages of shutting down for 2013, I had to dig deep to find out what I wanted to talk about today. Other than the fact that it’s still hot outside and I can wear shorts. Hence, I’m still sporting the t-shirt/blazer/shorts combo. I guess leather makes it kind of fall…no? With that, I thought I’d just make a list of a few things going on with me:


…READING: I am Malala The Girl Who Stood up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafza. She has got to be one of the most inspiring 16 year olds out there. She definitely puts my 30 years of being on this earth in retrospective AND now I want to become a global volunteer of EVERYTHING.  

…EATING: Andes mints. You know, the kind that you get at Olive Garden. But unlike OG, I’m not stingy with my mints so I allow myself just one…every 5 minutes.

…PUMPING MY BLOOD STREAM WITH: La Croix Lime sparkling water. I’m trying really hard to balance out the toxicity of the chocolate mints.

…LISTENING TO THE PODCAST: This American Life. I have a huge crush on Ira Glass. Like HUGE.

…WISH I HAD AS A PET: Unicorn. This should be obvious. I tried to be one in a Hobby Lobby.

…DESPISE: Pumpkin-Spice anything. Ugh…I can’t stand this stuff. Even more so, I can’t stand Instagram pictures of it. I mean, how am I supposed to know it is what you say it is? It could be a spiked cinammon, eggnog half-whip latte with extra peppermint. Which doesn’t sound too bad…

…SWOONING OVER: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now if he was wearing one of those chunky, cable-knit guy sweaters with the winter designs on it – I just wouldn’t be able to handle it.



…PET PEEV-ing ABOUT: People who call into radio shows with their relationship problems. WHY are you doing this? Do you not have friends? Or a shrink? Better yet, Google the answer.

…LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL:  My friend, Sheebani, shared this. It should be titled: “You know how Indian people are always SO dramatic? Well it continues. Here’s a Google India tear-jerker and it’s pretty freaking touching”.

…NOT OK WITH: The Orlando Bloom-Miranda Kerr breakup.  This is not sitting well with me. It’s like what happened last Thursday – I drank coffee, ate a yogurt with malt balls, had 3 garlic chicken spring rolls, ate hummus and pretzel chips, had at least 10 pieces of salt water taffy, drank a cafe au lait, had a bag of chili cheese fritos and then went to a two hour gym session of kickboxing and zumba. Yeah…my stomach…not so good.  

…POLISHING MY NAILS WITH: Marshmallow by Essie. If only it smelled and tasted like the real thing. I’d be licking my fingers all day.

…WANTING TO LEARN HOW TO DO: Skateboard. I just really want to be one of those cool Cali kids who wears chucks and rolls around on a board with 4 wheels. I think I’d look pretty awesome (ahem…horrid) at it.

Now you know me a little better or maybe you guys will make it a new year’s resolution not to read my blog (now that you know the real me). Either way, thanks for reading! Also, I won’t be back until after Thanksgiving but I’m prepping for some good December posts so I’ll see you in the last month of 2013.

DSC_0979_w text

 Cat hat: Urban Outfitters / Nail polish: Stylenomics by Essie

10 Fall Essentials


My friend Jenny (who happens to live someplace where it actually gets cold) recommended that I do a “What to Buy for Fall” post…when it was still 95 degrees down here in Houston (it is now 88, so some progress has been made). I initially told her that would be difficult considering I’m still parading around in shorts. However, I gave it some thought and figured since I hadn’t done any kind of essentials post in awhile (my last two: Summer Essentials and Chic Essentials), this would be a good time to do one. Plus, it helped that I already knew what I wanted to recommend since a lot of these pieces are not only great for fall but also for any month of the year.

I’ve included links to items/stores where you can find pieces similar to the ones I have, at differente price points. Most of the items I’ve listed are less than $50, though you’ll find jackets to be slightly more expensive. I consider each one of these “investments” so the prices are going to be higher on some because I’m looking for good quality, long-lasting, versatile pieces.

Also, I had to break this post up into two parts – 1. A list of essentials and 2. Actual outfits featuring these pieces. I’ll have the second half of this post up next week so check back for that. The above image is just a glimpse of one of the outfits (details at end of post).

Fall Essentials_2013_10 Pieces

*Suggested sites at end of post.

1. Cardigan/Sweater*

If you need something to throw on or layer with – this is it. I have a bad addiction to cardigans but I find the ones that are in classic colors or subtle prints are some of the best to have.

2. Black Blazer

I own about 3 black blazers – different styles and cuts. However, I’ve found that the classic black blazer is the best. The one I have in the images (which I’ll show next week) is from Banana Republic and yes, it is the $150 one that I included the link to below. However, I happened to have scored this on super sale at the Banana Republic Outlet store for $50 (which is pretty awesome for a BR, suit blazer). I invested in this one because I know I’ll wear it multiple times for a number of different occasions. However, since the $150 price point might be a bit too high for some, I’ve included links to more reasonable ones below.

  • Banana Republic – one; JC Penney – one; H&M – one, two ; Charlotte Russe – one

3. Black Tunic/Dress

Here’s something you will wear year-round. It requires no fuss and can be as minimalistic or as detailed as you want. It’s definitely a classic piece and I’d invest in one that is of good quality and material (not a cheap cotton one) so that it lasts. I’ve included a link to the one I purchased at Target below (it’s from the Leather Shoulders post). It can easily be worn bare-legged or in the cooler months with tights, leggings or pants.

4. T-shirts*

These are essential layering and go-to pieces. For starters, I’d purchase my basic colors – white, gray and black (then build from there with other colors and patterns). Finding one that is quality-made can be difficult; at the end of the post I’ve listed a few places that I’ve really liked and own shirts from.

5. Jeans*

Colored Denim – For fall, I steer away from bright and neon colors like hot pink, purple, mint or highlighter yellow and gravitate towards more warmer colors—navy, forest/dark green, maroon, mustard, dark purple/eggplant or tan.

Dark Denim – Regardless if you’re dressing it down with just a plain t-shirt and flats or dressing it up with a top, blazer and heels—it always makes for a classic, sophisticated outfit. It’ll never go out of style, hence it’s another investment piece.

I have a tough time finding jeans that fit me right but when I came across the Rockstar brand at Old Navy—I had finally found it! (Trust me, I hate buying jeans just as much as I hate scrubbing toilet seats, so this is a good thing). The fit and length are perfect for my shorter frame. The link at the end of the post will also show you the style in different colors. So there you go, a one-stop place for both these pieces.

6. Black Faux Leather Pants/Leggings (Full or Paneled)

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I’m really into leather. Now that fall has set in, I don’t feel so dumb wearing full leather pants. I think it’s a great way to break away from the classic materials used for black pants and it toughens up a look. If you’re not into full leather pants/leggings – consider ones with panels either in the front, back, on the knees or along the sides running up your leg.

7. Leggings*

This is also something that I mentioned in my Chic Essentials piece a couple of years back. Now that patterned leggings and ones made out of different materials (i.e. faux-leather, liquid, silky) are in, you can mix up your wardrobe of just plain black cotton ones with these. They also sell fleece-lined ones, which I found to be great for cooler months.

8. Olive Green Utility/Military Jacket

I purchased this on a whim from Ross 3 – 4 years ago (for less than 20 bucks). I happened to really like the color and thought with it being so light, it’d be great to wear in Houston. Even though, it hasn’t been showcased on the blog all that often (seen here in one of my favorite outfits)—I’ve worn it tons of times over the last few years. I prefer the ones with pockets and a drawstring at the waist so that I can cinch it up; this way it doesn’t look too big with certain outfits that I want a more tailored look to.

Less than $50

 Over $50

  • H&M – one; Old Navy – one; Urban Outfitters – one

9. Long-Sleeve Shirts*

As you already know, these are essential layering pieces. Plus, if you don’t know what to wear, you can just throw on a shirt, jeans/pants, blazer, boots/heels/flats, a scarf and you’re done. Easy peasy. I own a few LS shirts in solid colors like black, dark gray, navy and maroon. However, to mix it up, I recently purchased one with polka dots (Old Navy) and of course, I have my stripes.Since these can be found just about anywhere, the links at the end are to a few stores where I happen to like the quality and fit of their shirts.

10. Black Skirt

This can be in any length, style or material. I do recommend one that is not itsy-bitsy – maybe ones that come a little above the knees or below it. Style is completely up to you – you may like pencil, flouncy, a-line, lo/hi, etc. Find one that you like but in a material that stays intact after wear and wash.

  • Zara – one; JC Penney – one; Target – one

*Jeans (Colored and Dark Blue), Shirts (Long-Sleeve and T), Cardigans and Leggings

 *Dark Denim “Rockstar” Blue Jeans from Old Navy – found here.

Additional Fall Accessories

Here are a few things that will help you bring together your fall wardrobe.

  • Black Boots (tall)
  • Booties (black or brown)
  • Brogues, Converse sneakers (chucks) or Flats
  • Scarves (at least one solid-color and one printed)
  • Hat (floppy, fedora, newspaper boy, etc.)
  • Tights (opaque and patterned)

Hopefully, you guys found some of these items helpful in stocking your fall wardrobe. As always if you have a suggestion for a post, send it my way and I’ll definitely work on it!

Outfit in top picture: Utility jacket – Ross, Stripe shirt & belt – F21, Black tunic – Target, Scarf – Urban Outfitters, Bag – Banana Republic.

Items in chart: Aztec-print cardigan – Etsy, Black blazer – H&M, Black tunic/dress – Target, Gray t-shirt – Target, Jeans – Polyvore, Leather leggings – H&M, Galaxy leggings – Polyvore, Utility jacket –, Long-sleeve stripe T – Ebay, Skirt – 3.1 Philip Lim.

Doppler Effect // Black, White & Salmon



For some geek-tastic reason this dress reminds me of the Doppler Effect. What is that? Well, I’m not quite sure. However I am pretty confident that this clip – Sheldon as the Doppler Effect on The Big Bang Theory will help you out in a slightly better, funnier way than I ever could.

On to the dress. I was perusing through a H&M in Boston (by “perusing” I mean savagely-hunting-for-awesome-H&M-pieces-because-there-isn’t-one-close-to-me-AT-ALL-in-Houston) when I casually came upon this dress. They had it in other colors too – navy, maroon/wine and black but I really liked the pattern on this one, and the price…$12.95. Oh yeah, you read that right…$12.95. I snatched it up. After wearing it for a night, I decided that it fit and felt so great that I wanted it in other colors so I went back to the store. Of course, they were pretty much all sold out in 2 days. Go figure. I’m not sure if the stores will still carry this dress, considering I bought it a month ago. However, since you can now buy H&M pieces online, here’s one that is similar.




I wore this dress to work sans flower. When I came back and saw the flower sitting on my dresser, I thought I’d pin it on to see what it would look like. Personally, I think it adds just the right feminine touch to a pretty busy pattern (you could also throw on a black blazer and pin the flower to the lapel of that instead). Plus, this dress will easily transition into my fall wardrobe maybe with a black, leather jacket and ankle boots. Now, I said this dress was “busy” because my Mom called it “interesting” while my Dad asked if I had escaped from jail. So there you go—the opinions of my parents. I’ll let you form your own, though.

DSC_0644_w text

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This is one of the outfits I came up with after coming back from vacation (and I really wished I had thought of it beforehand). I don’t know…maybe it’s the fact that I was in France for a whole two hours that inspired this Parisian-esque look. Yes, that’s right—red and white stripes, black bottoms and oxfords screams “Paris”! (Or mimes…however you want to see it). Like the majority of the population – guy or girl, my all-time favorite outfit is shorts, a loose tee and flip flops. I can get really lazy when putting together this staple summer ensemble, most of the time I end up looking like a hot mess. (I hardly doubt old, wrinkly t-shirts, soffee shorts and Old Navy flip flops count as fashionable at my age). Nonetheless, there is that one time where I’ll dress it up, case in point.

I think this outfit can easily transition into something for fall with patterned tights, short booties and a jacket. For now, let’s just stick to bare legs. I’m a teeny bit obsessed with shorts (I have them in as many colors as I do my cardigans) and I secretly wish I could wear them all-year round. (Good thing wearing shorts with tights has become a “thing” now). I’ve even had to create a separate pin board just with outfits featuring shorts. Otherwise my other boards would become bombarded and jealous of all the cool girls wearing shorts.



I’m also a fan of high-waisted shorts. If styled properly (and by “properly” I mean nicely-fitted and not skin tight), it can create a very clean look. I also like the idea/fact that I can tuck my tops into the shorts (either all the way around or just the front-end tucked) to create a nicely tailored look. Here’s a tip for any fellow shorties out there. It’s no secret, I’m on the shorter side (a mere 5’ 3”); therefore some shorts, depending on the length, can make me look stocky. Even some of the shorter ones, which you would think would help because it shows off more leg, but on me, they don’t. Plus, I can barely get one of my butt cheeks into those short shorts. However, I’ve found the high-waisted shorts/tucked in shirt combo helps to elongate a shorter frame and makes me look/feel a bit taller.

DSC_0633_w Text

With that being said, here are some of my favorite outfits from the past couple of years featuring shorts: one, two, three, four, five, six.

For other shorts-inspired outfits check out my Short Style pinboard here.

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White Scallops


Is this a real post that you see? Why yes, yes it is. I actually did one this week (with an outfit I shot way back when). Nevertheless, it is here, posted and you can see it. I haven’t worn this outfit in a while, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to again. I will once March comes. Wait…isn’t that next week? Yes my friends March is almost here. I’m excited because it means the rodeo is coming and so are my allergies (SO EXCITED about the allergies part).

Anyways, I’m a pretty “safe” person when it comes to my own style. Though, I do enjoy looking at women mix bold patterns and prints, color block, etc., I’m not sure if all of that mixing really caters to my everyday style. I wouldn’t consider myself plain and I have done a little bit of mixing here and there but nothing too bold. (For those girls out there that can wear big, bold patterns and color block like no other – You go on with yo’ bad-self and work that look. I will applaud you from Pinterest).


Image 1669_1677

However, I’m not one to shy away from wearing different textures together so this eyelet, scalloped skirt mixed with a sweater shirt, cotton tank and floral scarf is right up my alley. Since, I barely wear these neon shoes I made a few months back (DIY post found here – Neon Crafts). I thought I’d slip them on with this outfit—to bring out the color of the scarf, of course. I mean, we always try to bring out the “color of our eyes” why shouldn’t I give the same treatment to my scarf? It deserves it, no?


By the way, I bet you guys thought that this post was going to teach you how to make scallops, huh? Could you imagine if I did that? All you guys would come running to me, blaming me for the incessant stomach pains you’d be having. I for one will claim no responsibility for this. I would have warned you beforehand and what you do with the recipe is all on you.

Comfy Winter

I’ve been a bad blogger. Not posting anything in almost two weeks. Saying I was going to post then taking it back. Not really posting all the fun inspirational outfits and DIYs I wanted to. Pretty lame of me, I know. Bad Jo Jo (geez…my nickname sounds like a dog). I’m still not 100% better but I didn’t want to leave you guys hangin’ for another week (I know you were REALLY upset). So I mustered up a bit of strength and snapped a few shots of a standard outfit I’ve been wearing this winter – sweater/sweatshirt, leggings, and shoes (boots or Converse).

It’s not the most fashion-forward outfit, but it works and it’s comfy. Plus the design on this sweatshirt makes it a bit more fun to wear. I don’t know about you guys but I’m a bit over this winter weather – I’m ready for spring! I need it to come like yesterday. I’m hoping next month won’t be so bad, so I can experiment more with my fashion and get out of this cold-coma that I’m in!

Sweatshirt – Urban Outfitters, Leggings – CR, Shoes – Converse – Target

This week my blog celebrates its 1st Birthday! Yay! I’m going to slightly pretend like it’s my birthday and eat a cupcake on Thursday. I think all of you should too!

P.S. Happy Valen….uhhh yeah right. I hate V-day. I wish I could go eat a box of chocolates but since they cost like $800 today – I’ve decided to go on a date… with my Mom…to a much needed Zumba class. Shake it!