Catch Up

Happy first day of summer! It’s been a little quite over here on the blog on talking about this summer’s “most anticipated and shocking season” (insert eye roll) of The Bachelorette, which started in May. One: they took a break after just 3 episodes (beats me), and two: other than a bunch of weird guys (which if you’re like me, and dating in your almost mid-30s, this is considered normal), Rachel is actually a super cool bachelorette (I knew she would be). Since we’re four episodes in, let’s catch up.

I could go on about some of the stupid she’s encountered—the awful “you’re cheating on me” scene with extremely bad acting from a current girlfriend, a “daddy chores” obstacle course with guest judges Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis—like actual actors (!!!), Whaboom (not even going to go here), shirtless mud wrestling (which was made even more creepy by the hollering of random women watching), guys named Diggy, Iggy, and Kenny—and this is all just in the first 3 episodes. Also, basketball with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar…what! Which is not stupid—I just wanted to throw that in there.

Anywho, Rachel’s been pretty straight-up with the guys—kicking out the crazies early—a cheating boyfriend, a guy who slowly eats bananas in bed with other guys who are sleeping, and the one that cried because he had bought a whole bunch of new outfits to wear on the show, and now he can’t. #bummersummer

On the other hand, it seems like she’s having a lot of fun with the other guys, and hollering at some of the goods ones…ahem…PETER (!), and the chiropractor is pretty cool (maybe a little too smooth, though). As of right now though, her fluffy dog with the broken leg, Copper, is winning in my book.

Rachel is also different in her interactions with these guys. She’s very genuine in her encounters, hears thoughts through, wants to feel loyalty and laugh, and she really wants to see the good in each of these guys. It’s kind of refreshing to see 30-something year olds on this show, since Rachel herself is in her early 30s. Note: future bachelors and bachelorettes of this show—this is how you do it.

My only thing (not so much with her because this has to be the producers’ stupid idea) is that they keep forcing her to bring back her “good girl friends”—four girls from the last season of The Bachelor (with Nick)—Raven, Alexis, Jasmine, and Corinne. Puuulease! While they are all cool (kind of), I’m pretty sure Rachel has some REAL super awesome friends, and these girls are not it.

Episode four just aired this week, and I have nothing too crazy to complain about like I did last year with JoJo. All I can say is…don’t let me down Peter. Don’ (cue Chainsmokers song…)

One last thought…while I am not the hugest Game of Thrones fan (though I’ve seen practically every episode), the end of episode four when a bunch of the guys pretend to do British accents and quote King Joffrey while holding a Spelling Bee winner goblet—this is where it’s at ABC.



As much as I want to believe that I run like a graceful gazelle, I’m pretty sure it’s more like a flailing flamingo. I apologize to all the visitors on the trail, who for the past few months had to witness me wheezing, gasping for air, and see snot running down my nose, while I trained for a 5K. As you can tell, I am not a runner—I have never been one.

However, I thought it was about time I challenged myself. (Waking up in the morning is a huge challenge for me, but you get what I’m saying.) I was also extremely motivated by my good friend Kristen, who had run the 2015 Houston Half Marathon! (Note: I have no intention of doing a marathon, unless it involves Netflix.)


Last year, I had every intention of signing up for a 5K. In this excitement to try out my least favorite activity, I fell and scraped my knee…during my first practice run (of course). I ended up having to go to urgent care, where after a horrified look from even the doctor, he managed to scrape my skin together and patch it up with six stitches. It took over three months for the wound to heal. When I tried to start running again, it just wasn’t a good experience, so I stopped.

A couple months back (after the election) I learned about the Houston Area Women’s Center’s Race Against Violence 5K. This was it…I signed up. Even if this meant I would have knee replacement surgery at 35—I really wanted this challenge, and even more, I wanted to help a cause that will definitely need more exposure over the next few years.


To tons of people, a 5K (3.1 miles) is a fun, leisurely run in the park with unicorns and glitter. To me—it’s daunting and deathly. However, I wanted to prove to myself that maybe I could at least run half of it without stopping. When I started training in December, I could barely do ½ a mile without wanting to fall over and puke. Putting that aside, the runs were really killer on my knees and legs. I felt more worn out, than energized; but I kept pushing myself through the pain, and continued to train week after week into February.


On the morning of the run, I was nervous—like I was eight again, when no one wanted me on their relay team in P.E. because I sucked. Also, there were some serious runners out there. People were doing practice/warm-up runs (like WTF does that even mean?!). One couple was so in sync in their running and timing—you’d think they were training for some weird Olympic couples running dance sport. Also, to the girl who showed up in nothing but short shorts and a sports bra in 45 degree/super arctic cold winds—go girl. You go.

Putting that all aside, I really was nervous—I had never done anything like this before. I was so convinced I was going to get trampled on, or even worse, one of my legs would give out like it does when I walk sometimes! However, when I started running, I just couldn’t stop. I don’t know if it was the cold, my orchestral epic movie-theme music, or just determination, but I ran all of it, and 2 ½ minutes faster than what I had been running in my training rounds (!) I truly never thought I would, or even could do something like this.


Not only did I feel accomplished, but was so proud to have run with hundreds of other Houstonians, and taken part in a cause that raises awareness and promotes education. While this run helped me believe in myself a bit more, in the grand scheme of things, I really do hope events like this help others believe that a better life is out there for them.

Now, I’m sure the burning question is, “Is she going to do it again?” The answer is yes—same race next year. I also have my eyes set on the 10K Rodeo Run. So yeah…I also see that knee replacement surgery in two years…eh…


By the way, this happens to be one of my favorite outfits. I love each one of these pieces especially since I can wear them year-round. A few weeks back, when it was colder, I paired this same outfit with black tights and booties. With it being spring soon, I can see me wearing it just like this, or just simply the dress with a pair of flats or flip-flops for a more casual look. In my last post I mentioned that my next post was going to be a DIY, but I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the final look. Hopefully this weekend I can get those down, and put up here.

A Good Flare


It’s been a few weeks, but I figured I’d accompany this post with a short Bachelor check-in. (I’m sure I just lost all my readers, but I’ll keep talking.)

Last Monday’s episode was a bit painful to watch. This has nothing to do with the fact that Nick ended the episode shedding a few tears, and complaining about not knowing if this is what he truly wanted. (Yet we all know that he does find someone, because they aired that clip. Way to cut your footage ABC…)


By painful, I mean Jasmine’s fake choke hold on Nick (!), Corinne being the most non-crazy one (for once), the words, “She must be a turnip because she is always turned UP!” (what???), Danielle unnecessarily being booted off, and all the girls incessantly complaining about being frustrated for having to win’s Nick attention.

Okay, I just got exhausted from writing all that.

This show is nothing if not a ridiculously staged competition,with beautiful free vacations for those lucky few. However, for some bizarre reason the girls in this season are constantly complaining about the fact that they have to fight for Nick, and they don’t know what Nick is thinking. I guarantee Nick doesn’t even know what he’s thinking…he’s kind of that clueless. Also if you didn’t want to compete with 20 other girls, on national television, you could have tried online dating. I hear that works…

Anywho, as we get into tonight’s episode, Nick is still confused, Corinne goes back to taking more naps, and all the girls are still upset that Nick is upset because he doesn’t know if he wants any of them, BUT what makes them even more sad is that “he may not find love.” So tragic. However, they will all stay because you know…free trips. Really…how does this show not get nominated for an Emmy?


As for the outfit, I am still a fan of flare jeans. Now, I’m sure most girls have moved on from 2001, but I clearly have not. (At least I’ve retired my dark, shiny pair.)

I ended up scoring these at American Eagle for $20 a few weeks back. The color and fit are great, and the material is a bit softer, which makes them super comfortable to wear. Most of the time I’ll wear skinny jeans, but it doesn’t hurt to keep a good flared jean around, just to mix it up. Here’s a similar pair from AE.


I don’t really gravitate towards pink clothing, but the ruffles and mauve color of the sweatshirt kind of got to me. I was actually planning on returning it while I was buying it. (I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one guilty of doing this). Clearly I did not. I’ve worn this so many different ways over the last few weeks, that I may just need to turn that into a post itself.

Next week, I plan on changing it up and showing a DIY that I think can really come in handy when you’re trying to decorate. So bear with me, I promise I do better things than watch The Bachelor week to week!




After seeing Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar on the Golden Globes last weekend describe their nominated movie, Lion, I basically had to see it (you know—being Indian and all).

I’ve always been a fan of Dev Patel’s movies—Slumdog Millionaire, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel films (more so the first one). However, Lion has to be one of my favorite films with him, so far. (I have yet to see The Man Who Knew Infinity.)



Based on a true story, the film is moving, gut wrenching, and incredibly heartfelt. The cinematography itself is beautifully done—depicting both the beauty and chaos of India, the gorgeous landscape of Tasmania, and the music and acting were great. The standout is none other that Sunny Pawar, who plays five-year old Saroo Brierly—he completely captures you.

Born in a poor village in central India (Ganesh Talai), Saroo and his big brother, Guddu, are inseparable. In every which way, Guddu is Saroo’s hero, and the father he has never known. Every day Saroo and Guddu go in search of work, food, loose change—anything to bring back to their mother, who works in a rock field.

One day, while they are out scavenging, Guddu asks Saroo to wait for him on a train platform. When Guddu never shows up, Saroo jumps onto the nearest train, hoping to find Guddu. At this moment, Saroo begins a long journey from his village to the chaotic streets of Calcutta (around 1800 km/1118 miles). Not understanding where he is, nor being able to speak Bengali, Saroo still searches for Guddu and his mother.


While I don’t want to give the whole film away, the remainder of the story follows Saroo through his time on the streets of Calcutta and in an orphanage. When he is six, Saroo is adopted by a lovely family and taken to Australia, however he never forgets Guddu. While in his late 20s and early 30s, he develops a strong need to search for his lost family. Saroo then begins to retrace the steps of his childhood, and utilizes Google Earth (of course), to search for his family. I’ll just leave it here.

It’s a wonderful story that proves that the unimaginable can happen, and yes—you will have tears. There is also a great 60 Minutes segment on it, and if you’re one of those people who like to read the book before the movie, then Saroo has written, A Long Way Home.


First Post of 2017


If you came here thinking my first post for the year was going to be my resolutions, or something substantial—I apologize. I do not think I can kick-off the year, with something other than a few thoughts about the season premiere of The Bachelor. (I completely understand if you have decided to click out of my blog now, and watch The Golden Globes. I do not blame you. I also promise that I do have good goals for 2017!)

For some reason, I am still a Bachelor/Bachelorette viewer, and once again will watch the show that makes me question absolutely everything in life.

The second to last post I wrote in 2016 was, “Team Luke…Still.” Six months later, I am still #teamluke, but like many other disappointments in 2016, Luke still did not become 2017’s, The Bachelor. With bags packed and an open heart (again), Luke was left to fend for himself, as ABC scooped up Nick Viall—a Bachelorette Alum…twice over, a Bachelor in Paradise Alum…once over, and now for the fourth time, Nick has finally earned the title, “The Bachelor.”

Clearly, Nick is much smarter than your average person utilizing online dating apps day-in, and day-out. I mean really believing in true love with The Bachelor/Bachelorette series (at the age of 36!)—that takes a lot of faith in reality TV. Well played Nick…well played.


While the season premiere was actually last Monday, I didn’t get around to watching the show till Wednesday, and then on to gathering my thoughts until today…and I have a lot of thoughts. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, here is just my top ten:

  1. Right off the bat—Nick is awkward as shit. BUT he’s going to make for some good TV—his facial expressions, one-liners, and tears are going to be epic. (I hate to admit that as much as I would have loved Luke, Nick will be fun to watch.)
  2. What in the hell was that ”bro” group therapy session with past Bachelor/Bachelorette alums, Sean, Ben, and Chris? Like what normal group of guys do this?
  3. Red dresses were a thing y’all—like a BIG thing. Like OMG SHE’S WEARING A RED DRESS..AND SHE’S WEARING A RED DRESS…AND SHE’S WEARING A RED DRESS—and all the girls wearing red dresses, are hating on all the other girls wearing red dresses.
  4. Josephine and her cat. As much as I want to make fun of her, I honestly feel like one day I may be her, and I maybe closer than I think.
  5. Oh Corinne. We already hate you (and feel really sorry for your nanny…that you still have at the age of 24). She’s pretty much every girl’s nightmare, every guy’s dream, and she’s going to get far—like top five far.
  6. Danielle, she’s a neonatal nurse…enough said! She is clearly the most non-crazy, sweetest, and down to earth girl on the show, and will probably have no chance against the other hot messes. Sigh.
  7. Alexis, the girl who thinks she’s a dolphin. Do I need to say more?!
  8. Elizabeth, the girl whose already hooked up with Nick. Is it just me, or does it seem like she kind of wants a medal for this?
  9. Some of the most interesting introductions yet—the trust fall, an eskimo kiss, a dolphin costume, a “runner up,” hug tokens, a hot dog book, a camel—you’re intrigued now, aren’t you?
  10. These are all really smart, successful, nice women whom consist of a civil defense litigator, special needs teacher, nurses, mental health counselors, photographers, an aspiring dolphin trainer—Nick…don’t F it up!

I have a few (ahem 100) more thoughts, but we’ve got a few more months of this ridiculous show, so I’m going to save them! Based on Chris Harrison’s “prediction” that this is the most controversial/exciting season yet—I actually couldn’t agree more with him. Whoa…did I just say that?



Dress—Urban Outfitters; Sweater—Old Navy; Heels—TJ Maxx; Scarf—GAP
Here is another way I styled this light pink dress, and the gray sweater.

Where Did She Go?


I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted anything here! The last time I did an actual style post–I had much shorter hair AND that was back in December. Ahhh!

The other week, I decided to go through my blog archives. Now this is going to sound weird, but I got a little bit jealous of my blogger-self from 5 years back. I know…who gets jealous of themselves?


I used to post quite a bit–sometimes two or three times a week! I even went as far as posting recipes, and I am not a fan of the kitchen. Seriously, where did that blogger go?


Honestly, I’m not sure if I will ever go back to being that blogger. Let’s just say, I’m feeling a bit more energized and inspired, so I’m here now.

I am ready to get some new content up, and I’m toying around with the idea of a blog name change. I’d also love to add guest bloggers. I’m not quite sure how that will actually play out, but I think it’d be a fun idea to look into! For now, it’s just baby steps and making more time to have a presence here.

DSC_1009_copy 2

Over the last couple of years, I’ve become more conscious of what I’m putting into my closet, thus a lot of it hasn’t changed. But because of this, I’m always looking for new ways to pair the pieces that I have.

As a return to the blog, I thought I’d bring back two pieces that I’ve worn here before. I’ve always had fun styling this orange top (check out Bleeding Orange and Jackie O.), but the candy stripe shorts went with a simple gray shirt in the post, Girls at the Gym.

In the spirit of embracing summer, I thought it would be fun to pair the two, and throw in a red/orange lipstick (NARS Heat Wave)!

DSC_0970_w text_copy


It’s official…Houston is flooded in (or out). To those people with kayaks–smart move buddy…smart move. But why do Houstonians think their cars have Aquaman powers, and can swim through water? When did I-59/69 become a watering hole or better yet, an underwater parking lot…that people willingly drove into? Also, good thing the Rockets won last night. Otherwise, it would have been a bad idea for the five Warriors fans to be trapped (literally) in the Toyota Center, amongst a slew of raging fans.


I’ve been checking my Twitter feed all morning, and I’m completely engrossed with all the images people are posting. I haven’t seen the city shut down like this since Hurricane Ike (at least there won’t be a curfew this time around). It’s as if we just had our own little, water-apocalypse, that I slept through like no one’s business.


Since I’m stuck in bed (I know…woe is me), I decided to clean up my photos and came across these. I haven’t posted in awhile, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get these up (even though it’s pre-short hair and I’m wearing a thicker scarf). However, I still love this bright color combo, and I’ve definitely worn this outfit (sans scarf) quite a few times. This pinkish, salmon-colored top has come in handy quite a bit. It’s light-weight and easy to throw on underneath something (like a blazer or cardigan) or just wear it, as is. It comes in quite a few colors (H&M), and I definitely recommend adding one to your wardrobe as a staple. Just make sure to pin it a little in the v-neck, otherwise you’ll be putting on a free show for everyone.

Well, I’m off to enjoy my four-day weekend. By “enjoy” I mean take, take a nap and pray that giant, bayou mosquitos don’t eat me. Be careful Houstonians, the water will suck up your car!


DSC_0011_w text

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As If


Back in the 90s, my Mom used to swear by the JC Penny catalogue. That woman would get such a thrill from flipping through the catalogue, going up to the registry desk to order items, and opening up the packages. These days, she just visits the store…pretty much every weekend, if not multiple times in a weekend – 10% coupon and JCP credit card, in hand (sometimes I drive her there).



I’ll never forget the time she let me order my first item from the catalogue – it was a plaid shirt, in pretty much the same material as the scarf here. I loved that shirt! It was flannel, soft and a little too big (but that was the style back then). I wore it with black pants, white pants, jeans, wide-leg jeans (not JNCO wide-leg, but Unionbay wide-leg), pretty much until it had holes all over it.

It made me feel like one of the cool kids. Though, if you read my post a couple weeks back about dark green socks, supposedly I was not a cool kid.



Then Clueless happened, and plaid went buck-wild. When Cher (aka Alicia Silverstone) is wearing short plaid “business suits” in one of the best 90s movies ever made, how could you not want to wear it?

If you haven’t gathered it by now, I’m a huge fan of plaid. I decided to finally post one of my favorite dresses, that I picked up from a store in Madrid, Pull & Bear, a couple of years back. I love how the dress can easily be incorporated into my wardrobe all year-round. I had bought the plaid material with the intention of turning it into a thick, fleece-lined scarf like I did last year with this one, DIY: Fleece-Lined Scarf, but never got a chance to. So it’s become one of those blanket scarves that wraps around your neck a few times. (Which if you think about it, is another totally easy DIY).

This outfit is pretty much as close as it’s going to get to the short, plaid business suits worn by the girls in Clueless. I don’t think I could ever pull of anything like that…including, knee-high socks, Mary Jane shoes and scoring a guy like Paul Rudd (!)

DSC_0021_w text

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DSC_1068 copy

Usually around this time of year, I’m feverishly putting together a 100 New Year’s Resolutions, hating a bit on the past year, and thinking about my game plan for the upcoming year. However, this time around, I’m straight chillin’. I have a few resolutions but unlike the past few years, they are much more toned down. 2014 has been amazing and pretty eventful for me, so I plan on taking it a bit easy in 2015.

With November and December whooshing by, I neglected the blog. I figured I’d let it go for the remainder of the year. However, I happened to be holding on to this outfit—not sure what I was saving it for. Being one of the simpler outfits I’ve put together, it’s one of my favorites from this past year. So I thought I’d just slap it up here. I almost-kind-of-sort-of feel like Victoria Beckham in it…not sure why.

Look for an outfit re-cap and a New Year’s-themed microvideo featuring one of the best movie-theatre candies out there, Swedish Fish, over the next couple of days!

DSC_1093 copy

DSC_1088_w text

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Girls at the Gym


The other day, while I was at a yoga class, I realized that I have a few gym-related pet peeves, all centered around girls. Why is this? I’m all about #GIRLPOWER, but at the gym, I find some of them to be quite obnoxious. For example

1. A few months back, I built up the courage to venture to the front of a very popular Zumba class at my local gym. (By “front”, I mean 3rd row out of a 10 row class). Girls line up outside the door 30 minutes prior to class (yes, it really is that good), and then race in so that they can get to the front. Since I’m in the class before, I get to see this shit-show take place. It’s like a pack of hungry hyenas running to grab gazelle scraps. Most of them absolutely LOVE staring at themselves in the mirror and making pouty faces while dancing. From my usual place in the back, it’s quite entertaining. I never noticed the “social-gap” between the people in the front and those in the back until that day. It first started off with one girl yelling “Get out of my way! You’re in my spot!” to a new girl. Then continued to say that she couldn’t see herself in the mirror. (Ugh…if I was the mirror I wouldn’t want to see her). Poor new girl. Luckily, a nice girl allowed her to stand next to her in the front. To which the plastic huffed and puffed about, then turned around to ask us, “Did I do something wrong? Am I not right? AM I NOT RIGHT?!” Then I’m pretty sure she z-snapped us.

Also, before I knew it a group of much older women (who definitely come every week to release their inner-sexiness), somehow managed to dance their way into the teeny bit of space in front of me. How this happened, is beyond me. They even turned around and gave me dirty looks as if I had taken their assigned spot. Older women + their booties + death stares = I’m scared.

Not only that, I got yelled at a couple times by the girl behind me that said “You’re all up in my space. If you can’t keep up move to the back.” There was so much animosity the front, that I was eventually forced to the back and have never ventured up there again.


2. There’s a girl in my Pilates class that comes in late every week and goes straight to the front of the class, next to the instructor. Then proceeds to pull out her cell phone and starts texting, surfing the web, answering e-mails, making phone calls, Instagramming, etc.—all the way through class. To make this even better, while doing the exercise she limply raises her leg or arm, while holding and staring at her phone. After that one set of exercises is done, she puts her phone down and then starts doing the poses that WE JUST DID, on purpose. She totally knows that while the instructor is teaching the next pose, everyone will be staring at her in the front. Therefore, she takes advantage of this time to show everyone how “awesome” she thinks she is at Pilates. WHY ARE YOU HERE? No one likes you…trust me.

3. The girl who places her yoga mat either RIGHT in front or RIGHT next to mine, every single week, and then proceeds to breathe extremely loud throughout class. Its common courtesy, in any yoga class, that you stagger the mats and place them a good distance away from each other. Not plop your butt down where you feel like it. Come on now…I actually care about yoga. I want to make sure I’m doing the poses right and you’re ruining my hour of Zen by breathing like a dinosaur in my space. Go away.

4. Girls that cake their make-up on for the gym. Like CAKE IT on. This is completely beyond me. One, you’re here to work out, not to win the Southern Belle Beauty Pageant. Two, you barely even exercise because you’re scared if you sweat, your mascara will drip down your face and make you look like a crack-addict. What is the point? Just wipe it off.

5. The girls who constantly strike a pose, after each and every single routine in Zumba. This isn’t drill team, no one is a football cheerleader, and this isn’t soul train. One or two times, after a really good song – I get it. But thinking you’re a Pussycat Doll – it’s just weird.

However, I’d like to give props to the girls who come in every week, try their hardest and are there for good reasons. I’m with ya – I don’t like them girls either. Ok, end rant.

DSC_0414_w text

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