Random “Musical” Facts About Me



I finally decided to cave in and do a random facts about me post. However, instead of just listing completely random things like I don’t make unprotected left turns or that I divide my undergarments into compartmentalized boxes in my dresser drawer, I thought I’d talk about music-related facts. Like the entire population, I LOVE music and all kinds. It’s what wakes me up, pulls me out of funks, makes me want to dance and pretty much gets me through each day. I’ve had my last two iPods stolen at the gym and everytime it happened, I felt a bit lost and completely upset, especially because now someone else has my music. Whether or not they regret stealing it (some say I have bad taste but really it’s eclectic), it’s still MY music, they took it and I hope they’re  enjoying the Celtic Women album on it as much as I did!

I’m looking to buy the new iPod Nano (the PRODUCT(RED) version as it does give a certain percantage of the amount to the Global Fund to help fund AIDS programs in Africa), which is probably the inspiration behind this post. So I’m creating a list of music I still need to download to put on this new device (I really don’t like using my phone as a MP3 player). As I mentioned, some people don’t enjoy my music but I’ll let you form your own opinion after you read these ten facts. Then I’ll see if I still have friends. If not, I always have my music.

  1. Ludacris is one of my all-time favorite “rap” artists and Southern Hospitality is my old-school jam. (I also love him in the Fast and the Furious series…don’t ask).
  2. There was one time me and my college roomate raced from the bus stop to our apartment to see who could download Return of the Mack fastest on their WinAmps using Limewire or was it Bear Share (?) (She won and yes, that song really is that awesome that we had to do that).
  3. I owned an Ultimate Dance Party 1998 CD back in the day. (Wait…I still have it. Yes, I still play it).
  4. I have two big dreams that need to happen: 1. I want to be a backup dancer in a Missy Elliott music video (when she makes her comeback, of course). 2. I have to go to a Phil Collins concert if only to see him perform In the Air Tonight.
  5. On days where I need just an extra pick-me-up boost I listen to the theme song from Jurassic Park. (There was also a time when a few girlfriends and I were driving to New Orleans and this song came on as soon as we were driving underneath a rainbow. I’m telling you, this song is epic).
  6. My 5th Grade choir teacher pulled me aside mid-year to ask if there were any other extracurricular activities I could participate in other than singing. 17 years laters I tried to relive this once-crushed dream by taking singing lessons…epic fail.
  7. I tried to learn the original harlem shake by watching Lil’ Bow Wow music videos. I pulled a muscle in my rib cage.
  8. Ace of Base was my first tape and Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio (I’m so thug) was my first CD.
  9. My first musical instrument was the recorder. Hold on…I was so awesome at it that I was in the first Recorder Club ever put together at my elementary. That is raw talent.
  10. I get really crunk to the songs Down Under by Men at Work (I love the music video even more) and Africa by Toto. Especially when they play in my car – it makes me want to roll down all the windows, put the seat all the way back and drive with one hand while I flash the peace sign to cars I drive by.



There’s not too much I can say about this outfit except that it’s perfect for summer. Both the top and shorts are light enough to walk around in and I’m really feeling the navy and coral color combo. Though you can’t really tell, the top is actually a lot brighter and more neon in person. It kind of makes me feel like I’m a walking traffic sign. Now that my hair is longer, I really like wearing these scarves around my head, they’re a simple way to add a fun bohemian-look to the overall outfit. Also, I picked up this necklace at Forever 21 a few weeks ago and it has quickly become a new staple in my accessory collection. I’ve moved quite a bit away from the chunky statement necklaces and gaudy jewelry and have started to pick up more simple, delicate pieces. I think this necklace is the perfect size with just the right amount of bling; plus, it goes with about everything. Not pictured are some nude, patent flip-flops I grabbed at Charlotte Russe for $8. Another summer staple as my other go-to flip flops died last year. Yeah, I could pretty much lounge around in an outfit like this all day, everyday while sipping sangria (can’t you tell I want to go back to Spain).

With that, I hope everyone has a wonderful and music-filled weekend!

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Towing in Grape Pants


I told you guys that I’d post an outfit before I leave (!) I know…I’m just as shocked as you are. I have a few more hours until my trek to Spain begins and these are the hours that I wish teleportation was already invented. I always have that fear that I’ve left something behind (though I’ve checked my What to Pack list at least 18 times), my nerves are on edge and I really just WANT to be at my destination. Unfortunately, there’s this teeny-tiny body of water (aka the Atlantic Ocean) standing in my way of flamenco dancers, tapas, wine and extreme amounts of awesome-ness.

However, if I were to say that the night leading up to this departure was uneventful, I’d be lying. Last week I took my car into the shop and spent close to $800 to fix it. Then I cursed the crap out of the dealership and at my car for making me spend so much money on something as frivolous as a reliable mode of transportation. Only to end up driving it a couple of days later with a drained battery (that was recently replaced!), flickering lights, a radio that would go in and out and ultimately it died on me after pulling up or should I say gliding into a gas pump.

After waiting 45 minutes for the tow truck to arrive, being followed by a trucker who was either pissed he had to drive so far away from town or maybe he just hates silver cars, finding a random guy parking cars in the dealership lot, more than hour after it was closed – I left my Cookie Monster all alone in the Service lane at the shop. My car and I have never been away for more than two days really, let alone 2 weeks. It’s kind of a big step for us so I guess putting me through all this hassle (and money) is it’s way of saying that it’ll miss me. I for one cannot wait to be free and walk around everywhere! Some relationships just need a break.

Of course, I had barely packed or done anything. So instead of a night filled with a friend’s birthday, packing, wine and Stephen Colbert – it turned into a night of birthday, towing, AAA and a tow trucker I’ll call Raymond, who was not amused every time I chased him in parking lots, which was more than one time.

That my friend’s is my big bon voyage.




I was also wearing these grape-colored pants, so at least I was doing all these awesome things in style. I wore it with a simple cream-colored peplum top with an orange sash and nude heels; but here, I have it dressed up in a business/work-wear style. Another prime example of how to incorporate color into your work wardrobe and if you can’t wear purple pants, then maybe the color combo (grape, navy, white and nude) is something you can try to put together with other pieces.

DSC_2353_w Text

Well, my lovely readers I’m ready to cross that ocean so let me just grab my bikini and shark-repellant spray.

Catch you guys on the flipside!

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A Navy and Black Night

I definitely used to be one of those people who believed wearing navy and black together was one of the biggest fashion faux pas anyone could commit. Something about pairing two dark colors that didn’t match seemed like a complete no-no.

As you can see, I’ve changed my mind. I love the idea of mixing these two colors together, I think it has to do with the fact that navy and black are such classic colors. They’ll never go out of style and will always be worn, so why not wear them together? The pairing of the two colors definitely gives off a pulled together, chic look – something I’ll be doing more often this coming season.

I’ve had this skirt in my closet for years now and it happens to be one of those pieces that I’ve never stored away. I kept it hanging in my closet season after season in hopes that something would inspire me to pull it out and actually wear it. Well, it seems that the time has finally come. Longer skirts are back on the fashion scene and the ways in which they are now styled definitely appeal to my taste. For this outfit, I just wanted to keep it simple, hence the black tank top and a statement necklace.

With longer skirts that go past your knees, try and wear high heels. This way the hem of the skirt is further from the ground and since heels help to elongate your legs, you don’t end up looking short or stumpy.

I haven’t worn this ensemble out just yet (as you can tell I took these pictures in my backyard) but I’m hoping to one night for dinner or drinks with friends. If it gets a little cooler I’ll just throw on a cropped black blazer.

By the way, I love this necklace – it jingles when I walk and reminds me of Christmas… my favorite time of year!

Top – Target, Skirt – Thrifted, Leopard Clutch – TJ Maxx, Necklace – F21, Shoes – Jessica Simpson (via Ross)