Dressed Up

Click on image for additional photos of each outfit plus post.

October 2013

Black Splatter

September 2013

In My White T

August 2013

Floral Rock

Doppler Effect

A Cup of Jo

July 2013

Midnight in Paris

Orange and Nautical Stripes

June 2013

Coral and Navy

May 2013


Black Out

Navy and Grape Pants

March 2013

Nautical Stripes and Leopard

February 2013

White Scallops

January 2013

Mint Skirt

Denim on Denim

December 2012


Chill Out


Sugar Plum

Black Out

September 2012

Mint and Green

Navy and White Stripes_Neon Yellow Cardigan

August 2012

July 2012

Olympic Geek

An Elephant Never Forgets

Runway Dress

June 2012

A Plane Bright Rule

Call Me Maybe

May 2012

Polka Dots and Pet Peeves

I am an Eggplant

Jackie O.

Watercolor Flowers

April 2012

Hot Pink Highlighter

Birthday Outfit

Mustard on Mint

Coral Stripes

Black and Creme All Over

Fauna Love

March 2012

Black and White Swan

Blue Da Ba Dee

Pom Pom Sweater

February 2012

Sequin Stripe Sweater

7.00 Well Worth It

Saved by the Bell

Comfy Winter

January 2011

One Fish Two Fish

When I Grow Up

The Dreaded Shopping Cart

To Shorts or Not to Shorts

An Emerald Skirt

December 2011

Faux Fur


Chunky Knits

Socks and Boots

Leather and Layers

DIY Polka Dot Scarf

Caged In

November 2011

Monkey Bars

Trains and Mirrors

A Red Field

October 2011

Sweet Fullfillments

Laced Stripes

September 2011
A Navy and Black Satin Night

Leather and Jewels

Surfin' on Wind

A Sunflower Scarf

August 2011
Bleeding Orange


Spearmint and Stripes

A Short Reason for Long Dresses

July 2011

Same Shirt_Same Necklace_Take Two

Gaming Prints

The Necklace

Back to the 90s

Summer Starburst

No Scrunchie Needed

June 2011
Patriotic Business

Red_White_Blue_Oh My

Rain Rain...Don't Go Away

Floral and Tweed

Cupcakes and Trucks

A Lazy Friday

A Fashionable Commencement Speech_1

May 2011
Adagio in C Minor

Wrapped Bouquet_Image 2

Wrapped Bouquet_Image 1

Breezy Floral_Image 2

Breezy Floral_Image 1

April 2011
A Floral Engagement_Image 1

A Floral Engagement_Image 2

The Color Spectrum_Image 2

The Color Spectrum_Image 1


March 2011
Irish Spring

February 2011
February 2011_Edited

2 thoughts on “Dressed Up

  1. I absolutely envy your sense of fashion! Mainly because i have none whatsoever. Everything you come up with looks amazing and I would never think of it in a million years lol keep it up! 🙂

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