30 Before 30

1. Take a trip to Spain (or at least book a ticket to go in 2013).
2. Make my blog somewhat successful.
3. Learn to play 5 new songs on the guitar.
4. Record one of my guitar songs and upload to You Tube/Facebook for all to see (and make fun of).
5. Get a tattoo.
6. Learn to bake a cake and make icing – all from scratch.
7. Frame my Bachelors and Masters certificates.
8. Grow a pot of hydrangeas (and keep them alive).
9. Swim with dolphins.
10. Be completely open to and in dating.
11. Dance in the front row of a Zumba class.
12. Take an East Coast trip to Baltimore and Washington DC.
13. Spend a day at the Smithsonian. (I’ve actually already seen the Smithsonian but finally got a chance to see the Holocaust Museum and go hiking in the woods of Maryland so I’m just going to cross this off!)
14. Start a blue-print for a digital graphics/design blog.
15. Take an aerial yoga, pilates or dance class.
16. Buy a meal for the person behind me in the drive-thru.
17. Watch a movie in the theatre alone.
18. Pay off (entire) credit card bill.
19. Learn and utilize HTML and CSS.
20. Get my own place.
21. Get a Well Women’s Exam.
22. Carry my camera more often and take pictures of everything (even if others hate you for it).
23. Sew a skirt out of fabric.
24. Re-read The Great Gatsby – then go watch the movie.
25. Cross over to the dark side – get an iPhone or Android.
26. Meet with a financial advisor to discuss savings and retirement options.
27. Learn to cook Indian food (especially from my Mom).
28. Start taking multi-vitamins and Vitamin D.
29. Re-create an old painting.
30. Celebrate my 30th birthday with close friends in sequins and a party hat (even if I’m just at home).

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