I hadn’t been thrift store shopping in years—probably since college when I’d pick out “vintage” t-shirts, and either re-design or just wear them with soffee shorts. (Not going to lie, I miss strolling around UT in that outfit!) I still have a few items from those days, including a long-sleeved, bronze sequined evening dress. Where I am going to wear that you ask? I have no idea yet…

A couple months back, my best friend suggested we go thrift shopping at Goodwill after she started following Too Cheap Blondes on Instagram. An IG account with two women from Houston who score killer designer items just by having the patience to shift through thrift store racks. I hadn’t been in years, so I was pretty down to go. (So glad I had patience that day, though!)

I ended up finding these three items—a BCBG Max Azria watercolor print dress, an emerald green skirt, and a Silence & Noise ruffle dress—all for less than $20!

Watercolor Print

Originally, this BCBG dress is around $200 or more—I scored it for $6! It’s made such a fun addition to my wardrobe. I don’t have too many bold printed items anymore because I feel like they are just trend pieces, but this was too pretty to pass up. The material is silky and soft, and ended up fitting great.

Emerald Green

I’m not much of a skirt person (I prefer dresses), but I really liked the color and style of this skirt. The tulip-like design and hanging pleats just add a cute touch to it. I see myself mostly wearing this with basic tops—white, gray, or black—to keep the skirt as the statement piece. But if I wanted to dress the skirt up a bit, I could pair it with a neckerchief, and keep the heels nude (picture below). The skirt is by Tinley Road, which usually retails around $50, but I got it for $5.

Blue Ruffles

The last thing I found was this Silence + Noise dress. Well…it’s supposed to be a dress, but because it’s a little snug in the back (it rides up just a bit!)—it’s safer for me to pair it with bottoms. I don’t wear ruffles very often, but I liked the detailing here. Plus the color and print of the dress are subtle and fun too. Silence + Noise usually retails around $50-$60, but I ended up getting this for $5 or $6!

After a thorough wash or two, all these pieces were good to go! Even though these aren’t basic pieces, I think all three can easily transition between seasons and casual/dressy wear. I definitely see myself wearing the skirt into the fall by just pairing it with a long-sleeved black top, the ruffle dress can go from casual like this, or more dressed up for work with just black pants and a blazer, and the watercolor print dress can be worn to so many occasions.

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