Work Week: Five Days of Blazers

I am so glad blazers have become a chic and staple item in the closet! I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a suit-wearer, so being able to mix and match blazers within my closet has really helped me put together tons of work wear outfits. I also have fun doing it because I can cater the look to my style.

A couple of weeks back, I noticed that I wore a blazer every day to work that week. Which isn’t groundbreaking or anything, but it’s not something that happens often. Since all the looks were different—I mixed and matched patterns, colors, materials, and pieces—I thought it’d be fun to recreate the looks, and and show you what I might wear during a typical work week.

Monday: Plaid & velvet
This is one of my favorite outfits. I love the mustard and olive colors together, and I like the mix of textures—velvet, plaid, and chino. The chino pants give it a more casual take, but the velvet material of the tank and plaid blazer help amp up the overall look. If I wanted, I could always pass up the khaki pants and throw on black slacks.

Plaid blazer – H&M, Velvet tank – Old Navy, Chino pants – GAP, Heels – TJ Maxx

Tuesday: White & paisley
These pants are so fun, and even though I’ve mixed it with a bright blue belt and heels, I don’t think it looks too overwhelming! I toned it down with a simple gray cotton tank top, and a white blazer. I have to admit, a white blazer is something I don’t gravitate to very often—it’s mostly black or navy. However, I’ve made a mental note to try and get it out in the sun more often, especially in the spring/summer months.

 White blazer – JC Penney, Gray tank top – Old Navy, Paisley pants – Ann Taylor, Blue heels and belt – H&M

Wednesday: Floral & black
This is one of my more chic blazer outfits. I like it because it’s almost like wearing a suit—considering it’s a dress, so the bottom and top match. Because this dress is a bit loose on me, I cinched it at the waist with a belt, and put on a more form-fitting blazer to hide the loose fabric. You can’t tell from this picture, but whatever material this blazer is made out if is awesome—it’s soft, easily washes, doesn’t wrinkle, and is just comfortable!

Black blazer – Ross, Floral dress – H&M (old, and from my best friend), Heels – Naturalizer, Belt – Banana Republic

Thursday: Salmon & Navy
Every time I wear this outfit, I always feel like “sailor meets air hostess!” I really like the navy and pink/salmon colored combo. I don’t often wear pink (makes me feel too girly), but these pants were a cool addition to my closet. Without the neckerchief, the outfit is great, but I wanted something to tie it all together, plus I think it gives it a more professional look. I dressed it down just a little with gray loafers.

Navy blazer and pants – Banana Republic, Stripe shirt – H&M, Shoes – Franco Sarto (DSW), Neckerchief – Urban Outfitters

Friday: Light gray & jeans
I know myself and this was my favorite and most comfortable out of the week. I’m a blazer and jeans girl for sure, but of course, I like to mix it up. Plus my profession is one that I do have to dress up somewhat, and wearing jeans doesn’t really cut it every day! Since it is Friday, I wanted a more casual work outfit, and this is what came about. I had first bought these jeans in a lighter wash, but loved them so much, I ended up getting this darker wash as well. The light gray blazer is one my Mom convinced me to get, and I’m so glad she did.

Gray blazer – JC Penney, Stripe shirt and jeans – Old Navy, Heels – Charlotte Russe, Lipstick – “It Girl” by Laura Mercier

I hope these five looks inspire your work wear wardrobe in some way. I’m always playing around with blazers throughout the week. I own about 10 of them, but that’s just me! If you’re wondering which colors to have as staples in your closet, start off with black and/or navy. They’ll be your more versatile colors, and then you can build from there, if you really like them.

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