Isle of Dogs: Special Screening of Wes Anderson’s New Film

I love dogs (*cough* maybe even a bit more than people *cough*). Put them in a movie made by Wes Anderson, and you’ve basically made me crazy happy! Since Wes Anderson is from Houston (that’s right…we got Wes Anderson, Beyoncé, AND Whataburger), he always does a special pre-release screening of his new films at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) for his parents. Then there are a limited number of people who can go, and I was lucky that my friend invited me to his new film Isle of Dogs on Monday night. (I have to admit, when I left my job at the MFAH, I was a bit sad that I would miss these special screenings, because I absolutely adore his movies. We even got to hear from Roald Dahl’s grandson during the screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox!)

I’m not going to give away too much of the movie (NPR has done a great review of it, and in a more eloquent way than I ever could), but I really think it is an awesome watch! If you love dogs, dry humor, drum beats, Wes Anderson movies, sushi (!)…I could go on and on…you will enjoy this movie!

The attention to detail, the creativity (e.g. he uses cotton for the “dust” in the fight scenes), and the design work is just incredible. It truly is another unique and wonderfully created film by Wes Anderson—mixing the love dogs have towards humans and vice-versa, with politics, dog-activists, and Japanese culture—it all makes for a fun and intriguing storyline. Each scene had my full attention. The music is also different than his other movies—definitely with Asian influence and very upbeat—it really gets you going!

I love stop motion animation and to see the impeccable work he and his team put into creating the characters, the scenes, the placement, and every little detail in between is amazing. I dabble in stop motion a bit and I can honestly tell you that they take a lot of time, dedication, and patience to make. To see it being done on this scale is so inspiring. I wish I had even an ounce of that creativity!

Oh! How can I forget about the dogs?! They are absolutely adorable. You’ll immediately be connected to them, and fall in love with them. You can also feel how much they love their humans, and value being guardians. They truly are the most selfless creatures! (Yes, I know…I should get one. Can someone please tell my landlady?!)

The film opens up in three theatres today in Houston. I hope you like it as much as I did!


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