The Outfit My Mom Hates

Shorts, boots, and a long-sleeved shirt—the one outfit my Mom can’t stand.

Every time I wear some combination of this, my Mom always says, “I don’t understand this…if you think you’re going to be cold, why not just wear pants?!” Then she goes on to talk about how kids these day dress (I’m unmarried, so in her eyes, I’m still a kid), how she used to put me in the cutest, frilliest dresses because that was her thing, how the boots don’t make any sense, and a couple of other things—then I take her to JC Penney. Done.

Everything my Mom says is so true (she’s hardly ever wrong.) Really though—nothing about this combination makes sense, it’s just super comfortable. When the warmer days start rolling in, I have a hard time letting go of boots, but an easy time of grabbing shorts. So I guess I compromise with myself, and the weather. I tried to tell my Mom that one day—she just asked if I needed some new pants. Cool.

My Mom is also the one who convinced me to buy this light gray blazer. I was going to buy yet another pair of black workout pants, when she made a face at the pants and said, “Don’t you have enough of those. You always wear that. You’ll wear the jacket more…it’s so much nicer!” I was convinced. That woman really knows how to get to me.

The outfit with the blazer is something I’d wear out to dinner or something fun (if I could wear this to work, I’d be all about that life), while the second one is a more casual take on it. I’m a notorious tan shoe wearer, but these gold booties have easily become a “tan” pair in my closet. I was a bit hesitant to get them, thinking they’d be a bit too flashy for every day wear, but I’ve been swapping out tan for these, and it adds just a bit of fun to some outfits.

This sea green sweatshirt is made out of a light, super soft material. I haven’t been able to go a week without wearing it! If you are ever looking for light-weight, easy, comfortable wear—the GAP soft spun knits are awesome. You can mix and match pieces, plus they are great for layering. This gray top and skirt I posted last year is one combo, I also picked up a ¾ sleeve black top and matching shorts, and recently got this striped dress, which I can’t wait to bust out, with hot days ahead.

Today is also the first day of spring! I haven’t been able to enjoy our better weather at all because of allergies, but managed to survive through these photos. In case you missed it, I did a tutorial in my last post on how to get these waves in your hair. This is actually what my hair starts to look like when it falls for a good 30 minutes (in the video, I didn’t really let my hair fall, so it looks a bit more wavy).

I’ll be back next week to wrap-up March, and share a few favorites!

Sweatshirt – GAP, Blazer – JC Penney, Shorts and gray tassel necklace – Charlotte Russe, Boots – Old Navy, Tan tassel bag – Nine West, Loafers – DSW

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