Bring on March

March is finally here! Even though I’m a mess of allergies, and can’t really enjoy the few weeks where you can roll down your car windows without choking on pollen, I am so excited for the month. I feel like it’s finally a fresh start to the year. It’s spring, daylight savings time begins (yes to having daylight till 9 p.m.!), and this year’s The Bachelor finally ends tonight (thank god)!

If you follow me on the blog, you know I am all about The Bachelor, but this season…ugh. I couldn’t really get on board with any of the girls, Arie was a sack of wet potatoes, and Chris Harrison was worse than ever (seriously, I need a #firechrisharrison movement to happen). I thank the stars every day that (1) the Olympics were on for two weeks during, so I got to see some real freaking talent and (2) I was not casted during the audition. I seriously would have taken one look at Arie, ran in for the free champagne, and hopped right back into the limo.

If you watched my Instagram stories at the beginning of the year, I did do a little running commentary of The Bachelor—this lasted three weeks. This season has been nothing if not an incredibly lame snooze fast, and Arie, if he isn’t looking like a dumb, spaced out deer in headlights, is just disgustingly sucking face with the girl in front of him. I had to stop my weekly rants because I just couldn’t get myself to type out #boringArie anymore. When Eva Chen (only the coolest person in the world) can’t stand watching the show or Arie, then you know something is wrong.

The season culminated last night with what has to be the most awful finale. Spoiler Alert: Long story short, stupid boring Arie asked Becca to marry him, then six-weeks later changed his mind, and is now with runner-up Lauren, who is basically just another Emily. This does not shock me at all. Becca is smart, cool, and brunette, Arie’s always had a thing for blonde girls. So that explains that. Not only did ABC film Arie and Becca’s breakup (poor girl thought they were going away on a weekend adventure), but then they also aired the entire break-up, unedited for 45-minutes. And nothing happened…not a single thing! I’ve literally had more fun waiting for paint to dry on my walls. Unfortunately, this lameness continues today. (Not going to lie though…I can’t wait for next season!)

On a WAY more fun note, it’s Houston Rodeo season again—I even kicked-off the season by participating in the Rodeo Run! Running through a bit of Downtown Houston, being cheered on by Rodeo parade goers, seeing the trail riders come in and everyone’s enthusiasm, and running the full 5K—what a fun experience! I’m also excited to see both Thomas Rhett and Chris Stapleton this year.

I’m so ready to trade out my fall/winter wardrobe for a spring/summer one, but this outfit has transitioned nicely into the warmer days. I got the inspiration from this outfit on Sezane. This belt is a guitar strap my cousin got for me from Chile. I’m a bit obsessed with it, and have worn it as a belt on a dress, wrapped around this black sweatshirt/cardigan, and just as a regular belt on pants. These flats are fairly new, and I love the white/black combo. The only issue I have with them is that I’m always super focused on making sure I don’t scuff them, or get marks on the white space. So I can’t just put them on, and not worry about it! I even carry them in my bag, instead of wearing them on my morning walk/train ride to work because I don’t want to get them dirty. I probably should have thought about that before I bought them, but I just really liked the style. They are easily transitioning into my spring wardrobe, and add just a touch of sophistication to any outfit I pair them with.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to March, and I apologize for The Bachelor rant, but it can’t just be me, right?!

Outfit: Black sweatshirt/cardigan – Banana Republic (old); Jeans – GAP; Shoes – Nine West (DSW); Belt – gift (from Chile)

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