Winter (as in Texas “Winter”) Uniform

I don’t particularly care to discuss the weather over here, but Houston’s been pretty weird these last few weeks. It’s “ice-snowed,” been frozen, most days are just dull, gray, and actually cold, and it rains…just rains. For a Houstonian, this is pretty much miserable.

I’ve also spent most of my waking time attempting to stay warm with space heaters and a heating pad (my place has the absolute worst insulation), and catching up on Grace and Frankie (thank god I haven’t watched the last three seasons, because it was SO good to binge watch), and the Winter Olympics. (Could Adam Rippon be any cuter?) If you’ve been watching, there really have been some amazing moments so far! I swear I get such a high watching snowboarding in the Winter Olympics as I do when I watch swimming in the Summer Olympics, and of course, figure skating is my gymnastics.

I always wished that I had been more athletic when I was younger, or pushed my parents to put me in some kind of sport. I get a teeny bit jealous watching these athletes, especially the 17-year olds ones win gold medals! Alas, I thought chess club, collecting stickers, and reading Ramona Quimby books were my calling. Not sure if anything has changed—I still love Ramona, except I’ve traded chess for Hulu, and collect ink pens over stickers. I’m bummed that the games end this weekend. Maybe because of them, I’ll muster up enough courage to try out snowboarding one day OR maybe I’ll just stick to walking, and hope my ankle doesn’t give out.

I don’t know about everyone else, but after a few cold months, I wake up most mornings without the momentum to put together a cute outfit or dress up. Not sure if it’s the drag of having to wear a thick coat and rain boots (something I’m so not used to), or just being lazy. I would much rather walk around in black workout pants and a sweatshirt. With it being like this, my winter uniform has been some combination of a dress or long-shirt, warm cardigan or chunky sweater, opaque black tights, and boots. Nothing special, but it has been really comfortable. Unlike most Houstonians who can just jump into their warm cars, I do have to drive, take the train, walk, and do it all again in the evening, so staying warm and being comfortable are so key. I say this every year, but I can’t wait for the days of 100-degree weather, and jean shorts all day…every day.

Dress – Old Navy (similar), Cardigan – Forever 21 (eek! from so long ago), Neck tie – Target, Tights – Marhall’s, Boots – DSW 

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