Lady Bird

Well hello new year! Naturally, I’ve made a few (read: hundred) goals, that of which I wrote in my new 52 Lists Project book. Since we’re only the second week in, I’m taking small steps—going to bed a bit earlier, reading or crafting more, eliminating uninspiring Instagrammers I’m following (this is actually so necessary), taking a bit of time for self-care, cooking, training for two back-to-back weekend 5K runs, etc. It’s the little things for now.

I also took myself on a “date night for one” to the movies earlier this week. I didn’t do this at all last year, so I figured I’d start off this year by seeing Lady Bird, and stuff my face full of Whoppers (they were sold out of Sour Patch Kids…sad). The movie is adorable—it made me laugh, tear-up, and really appreciate what good music the 1990s and early 2000s had (shout out to Bone Thugs N’ Harmony and Dave Matthews Band). Most importantly, pretty much every girl can relate to the relationship Lady Bird (aka Christine) has with her Mom. I would say I’ve had very similar fights with my Mom (and in some rare cases still do). However, just like them, no matter how frustrated we get with each other, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for one another. Additionally, all the high school bits she encounters are quirky, funny, and so naturally added into the movie. It shows why it’s so important to have awesome best friends to grow up with. I also can’t forget her Dad—he is all sorts of adorable, and just admiring of her. The whole movie is about relationships—ones you have with your parents, siblings, best friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. I highly recommend watching it, if you’re looking for a feel-good, chill movie. The next one I want to see is I, Tonya—it looks down right crazy, but so good!

On another inspiring note, I am still getting a bit of a high from Oprah’s speech during the Golden Globes last Sunday. I mean…hello God. While I’m not too sure whether or not all the “Oprah for 2020” banter is true, what she said is what makes a real motivational leader. I’m glad I got to start off my year by hearing something like that. I hope more girls and women continue to feel empowered every day. Unless something bizarre comes up, I’ll be walking in the Women’s March in Houston once again next Saturday, January 20. If you are in the Houston-area, and interested in going, here are all the details. It was an amazing turnout last year, and I hope that it’ll be the same this year!

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