Catch Up

Happy first day of summer! It’s been a little quite over here on the blog on talking about this summer’s “most anticipated and shocking season” (insert eye roll) of The Bachelorette, which started in May. One: they took a break after just 3 episodes (beats me), and two: other than a bunch of weird guys (which if you’re like me, and dating in your almost mid-30s, this is considered normal), Rachel is actually a super cool bachelorette (I knew she would be). Since we’re four episodes in, let’s catch up.

I could go on about some of the stupid she’s encountered—the awful “you’re cheating on me” scene with extremely bad acting from a current girlfriend, a “daddy chores” obstacle course with guest judges Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis—like actual actors (!!!), Whaboom (not even going to go here), shirtless mud wrestling (which was made even more creepy by the hollering of random women watching), guys named Diggy, Iggy, and Kenny—and this is all just in the first 3 episodes. Also, basketball with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar…what! Which is not stupid—I just wanted to throw that in there.

Anywho, Rachel’s been pretty straight-up with the guys—kicking out the crazies early—a cheating boyfriend, a guy who slowly eats bananas in bed with other guys who are sleeping, and the one that cried because he had bought a whole bunch of new outfits to wear on the show, and now he can’t. #bummersummer

On the other hand, it seems like she’s having a lot of fun with the other guys, and hollering at some of the goods ones…ahem…PETER (!), and the chiropractor is pretty cool (maybe a little too smooth, though). As of right now though, her fluffy dog with the broken leg, Copper, is winning in my book.

Rachel is also different in her interactions with these guys. She’s very genuine in her encounters, hears thoughts through, wants to feel loyalty and laugh, and she really wants to see the good in each of these guys. It’s kind of refreshing to see 30-something year olds on this show, since Rachel herself is in her early 30s. Note: future bachelors and bachelorettes of this show—this is how you do it.

My only thing (not so much with her because this has to be the producers’ stupid idea) is that they keep forcing her to bring back her “good girl friends”—four girls from the last season of The Bachelor (with Nick)—Raven, Alexis, Jasmine, and Corinne. Puuulease! While they are all cool (kind of), I’m pretty sure Rachel has some REAL super awesome friends, and these girls are not it.

Episode four just aired this week, and I have nothing too crazy to complain about like I did last year with JoJo. All I can say is…don’t let me down Peter. Don’ (cue Chainsmokers song…)

One last thought…while I am not the hugest Game of Thrones fan (though I’ve seen practically every episode), the end of episode four when a bunch of the guys pretend to do British accents and quote King Joffrey while holding a Spelling Bee winner goblet—this is where it’s at ABC.

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