Red Floral

Happy first day of spring! (Not quite sure why I’m that excited about it, since I’m pretty much choking on pollen over here.) I cannot believe that March is ending next Friday (!) In January, I had great plans to go on a couple of mini-vacations, read more books, and learn how to cook delicious, healthy dishes—all by April—all of those have been shot. Kidding. I never had plans to cook.

Instead of reading recipes, I actually had plans to do recaps of The Bachelor throughout this season. Priorities y’all..priorities. In reality, it turned out to be the most boring and eye-rolling season of them all. After an excruciating three-hour finale, it finally ended last Monday. Nick was just aloof and lacked personality, while the girl he picked—Vanessa—what an insecure, wet blanket. Anyways, I just won’t even go there with them. What I will say is that I’m really excited for Rachel Lindsay to be The Bachelorette. For one, she’s a Texas girl, and two, she’s successful, well spoken, and smart—I find her so relatable. I think she’s going to have a lot of fans!

I had originally intended to wear this outfit to the Houston Rodeo BBQ Cook-off this year, but due to the whack weather we’ve been having, I had to nix it. However, I ended up wearing it another day, and since this is the last week of Rodeo, I thought I’d throw it up here. Also, did you guys hear that Garth Brooks is both opening and closing the 2018 Rodeo? Yes! The deep-fried foods keep getting better every year, and the girls keep whooping the boys butts in the Mutton Bustin’ competition! This really is my favorite Houston event.

So, my hair is a bit different than my last post. About a month ago, I asked my favorite hairdresser to chop off all my split ends, dead hair and especially the old colored hair, and give me layers. (She was also kind enough to cut a few of my white hairs out.) What I thought was going to be a 1-inch trim, turned into 4 – 5 inches—which puts my hair at an awkward length.

Right now, I’m not too thrilled with the way it looks. I really do miss my longer, more blunt cut look. Maybe this is just the weirdo in me, but when I want short hair—I really want it short; when I want long hair—I really want it long. The in-between stage irks me. I also think it looks better waved, rather than straight, but honestly I don’t always have an extra 40 minutes to wave it. I am super glad that the old hair color, which has been lingering for years, is finally gone—it’s like I have a clean slate. I have no intention of dying it, but those white hairs that keep popping up, are really starting to get to me…bleh.

OK, I feel like I’ve talked enough about weird stuff (The Bachelor, my hair, etc.), so I’m going to just leave my thoughts for another week. I have been working on some fun projects the last couple of weeks, including a video of my everyday makeup. So stay tuned, as I’m hoping to share those soon.

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