A Good Flare


It’s been a few weeks, but I figured I’d accompany this post with a short Bachelor check-in. (I’m sure I just lost all my readers, but I’ll keep talking.)

Last Monday’s episode was a bit painful to watch. This has nothing to do with the fact that Nick ended the episode shedding a few tears, and complaining about not knowing if this is what he truly wanted. (Yet we all know that he does find someone, because they aired that clip. Way to cut your footage ABC…)


By painful, I mean Jasmine’s fake choke hold on Nick (!), Corinne being the most non-crazy one (for once), the words, “She must be a turnip because she is always turned UP!” (what???), Danielle unnecessarily being booted off, and all the girls incessantly complaining about being frustrated for having to win’s Nick attention.

Okay, I just got exhausted from writing all that.

This show is nothing if not a ridiculously staged competition,with beautiful free vacations for those lucky few. However, for some bizarre reason the girls in this season are constantly complaining about the fact that they have to fight for Nick, and they don’t know what Nick is thinking. I guarantee Nick doesn’t even know what he’s thinking…he’s kind of that clueless. Also if you didn’t want to compete with 20 other girls, on national television, you could have tried online dating. I hear that works…

Anywho, as we get into tonight’s episode, Nick is still confused, Corinne goes back to taking more naps, and all the girls are still upset that Nick is upset because he doesn’t know if he wants any of them, BUT what makes them even more sad is that “he may not find love.” So tragic. However, they will all stay because you know…free trips. Really…how does this show not get nominated for an Emmy?


As for the outfit, I am still a fan of flare jeans. Now, I’m sure most girls have moved on from 2001, but I clearly have not. (At least I’ve retired my dark, shiny pair.)

I ended up scoring these at American Eagle for $20 a few weeks back. The color and fit are great, and the material is a bit softer, which makes them super comfortable to wear. Most of the time I’ll wear skinny jeans, but it doesn’t hurt to keep a good flared jean around, just to mix it up. Here’s a similar pair from AE.


I don’t really gravitate towards pink clothing, but the ruffles and mauve color of the sweatshirt kind of got to me. I was actually planning on returning it while I was buying it. (I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one guilty of doing this). Clearly I did not. I’ve worn this so many different ways over the last few weeks, that I may just need to turn that into a post itself.

Next week, I plan on changing it up and showing a DIY that I think can really come in handy when you’re trying to decorate. So bear with me, I promise I do better things than watch The Bachelor week to week!


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