Kite Flying at Hermann Park


Don’t think we didn’t have a Frozen, Hello Kitty and a giant, purple squid kite, amongst children that were practically 30 years younger than us. We marched up that hill, and flew those kites (well, I tried).



I really don’t know what is happening here–probably singing “Let it Go” when my Frozen kite flew away.

I was a bit shocked by the number of people who came out to the Hermann Park Kite Festival a couple of weeks ago. It was so awesome to see so many Houstonians enjoying our parks, walking around and having a great time. It just further proves the amount of progress Houston has made to get people out and about, within just a few years!


HOWEVER, not everyone was a barrel of fun. Example A: the lady that got upset at me because my kite accidentally knocked hers out of the sky. Umm…you’re like 50, get over it. Example B: the couple that flew their ugly, orange kite into my roommate’s cool, squid kite—knocked him out of the sky, into “Cool Kite Heaven”, and didn’t even apologize. Haters. (Everyone else was cool).



Also, this handsome pup is Django—he’s not mine, he’s a friend’s. It took us a teeny bit of time to become buds, but with some Whataburger Chickin’ Strips and a few W-A-L-K-S…we’re good now. He also has some major game—walking him is like the best ego boost. (It also makes me want to get a dog real badly).

I have to admit, it felt weird to be taking blog photos in front of so many people (usually, it’s just me, a tripod and a white background). I am going to try and make it a point, to take some more photos around town, though I can’t make any promises! I’ve been meaning to get this outfit on the blog for a quite some time now. The top is a couple years old, so I’ve worn it dozens of times—either just like this or with a pair of jeans. It’s definitely my go-to “I need to dress up a teeny bit”-top. Plus, the colors are pretty spot-on for all-year wear. I can’t wait to come back next year, with an even cooler kite…maybe a pirate ship one!


Top – H&M, Shorts – F21, Shoes – Ralph Lauren (via Marshalls), Sunglasses – CR, Dog – Django

Photos by: Kristen Eide.

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5 thoughts on “Kite Flying at Hermann Park

  1. Kudos girl, getting your photo clicked in the middle of a crowd needs a brave heart. Love the outfit and the fun colors going on.

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