Dark Green Socks


Back in junior high, I had one of those this is traumatic, but it’s really not traumatic, you only think it is because you’re a dramatic 11-year old-situations…which made me hate the color dark green.



Awhile back I wrote a post on how my Mom has always been a fan of matching colors in outfits. Something I hated for a really long time, up until about a year or two ago. One time in junior high, she picked out a mustard shirt for me with an embroidered flower. To match the leaves of the flower, my mom thought it’d be cute if I wore dark green socks. I really didn’t care what I wore back then, so I relied on her. (For the record, she is probably still a way better stylist than the chick I mention below).



During English class that day, our teacher wanted us to play a game on a mat, no shoes. While standing on the mat, in the middle of the classroom, I swear one of those so-called “popular” girls snickered and told me my socks were not cool and white socks were the coolest. Really? Like who are you…the fashion police? However, being the shy, easily embarrassed kid I was, I wanted to pull my socks off immediately. That afternoon, I told my Mom I wanted white socks for all my outfits, which she thought was okay but told me the green ones were cuter. She was right…as mom’s usually are. However, I was already traumatized and refused to wear the socks and dark green pants she had bought me. I know…SO dramatic.


Twenty years later, I really do appreciate my Mom’s taste for matching colors because it can be cute if done the right way. This just happens to be one of my favorite outfits–two shades of green tops, dark jeans, and boots. Now, I wish I could just go back and tell that girl “buh-yah…now look at what’s cool.” (I know…I’m also really awesome at comebacks).

DSC_0001_w text

Lipstick: Revlon – Wine Not

Here is a recent pre-fall take on this outfit. For a monochromatic purple look, see here.

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9 thoughts on “Dark Green Socks

    • Thanks so much! I always enjoy finding new blogs and commenting when I really like something! So glad our mothers passed this on to us (even if it did take me awhile to get on board), it’s such a cute trend.

  1. That’s such a cute story! I tink we have all had one (or more of those moments) where mom was right like that! I love you in dark green! I’m glad that you are working the dark greens again girl! i am pinning this look to the Celebrate Southern Pinterest board right now so that others can admire your cuteness xxoo

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