2015…Brought to You by My Swedish Fish

Can I get a high-five 2014? What! What!

Amongst a couple of hiccups and the “what the F am I doing with my life” moments—2014 still came out to be one hell of an incredible year. I don’t know if it’s cheesy to say, but I’m a lot bit proud of myself for some of the things that I have accomplished and decisions that I made. From making the leap to move out of my house, switching jobs after 6 ½ years, booking last minute flights—it’s almost like I’m me…but not (I mean, I could be Batman).

I got the opportunity to do and experience such amazing things this year – take adventurous trips with best friends, celebrate fabulous weddings, welcome new additions, coordinate craft nights, party like I’m 22, fall in love with…s’more cupcakes, drink a lot of red wine, become an all-Apple user and most of all, spend lots of fun-fun time with friends, family and a few dogs. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing support system and the drive to make myself a better person every year.

Everything is awesome! – The Lego Movie

Now, with just a little help from some friends – we bring on 2015!

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