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Usually around this time of year, I’m feverishly putting together a 100 New Year’s Resolutions, hating a bit on the past year, and thinking about my game plan for the upcoming year. However, this time around, I’m straight chillin’. I have a few resolutions but unlike the past few years, they are much more toned down. 2014 has been amazing and pretty eventful for me, so I plan on taking it a bit easy in 2015.

With November and December whooshing by, I neglected the blog. I figured I’d let it go for the remainder of the year. However, I happened to be holding on to this outfit—not sure what I was saving it for. Being one of the simpler outfits I’ve put together, it’s one of my favorites from this past year. So I thought I’d just slap it up here. I almost-kind-of-sort-of feel like Victoria Beckham in it…not sure why.

Look for an outfit re-cap and a New Year’s-themed microvideo featuring one of the best movie-theatre candies out there, Swedish Fish, over the next couple of days!

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DSC_1088_w text

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