Half & Half


For most people, half & half is simply something they put in their coffee. For me, it is so much more. I have somehow managed to turn this dairy product into a few bad habits (and honestly, I have no desire to break them). This stuff is pretty much up there on my list, next to queso, of course.

1. I use half & half instead of milk, eggs, or water to make my pancakes. I swear, it makes them much more fluffier!

2. I talk half & half shots. (Yes, you read that right). I’ll take those little cups, pour a little sugar in them and then start downing them, just like shots.



3. When I buy iced coffee, I pour half of it out. Then fill it right back up with a mixture of half & half and a bit of milk.

4. I buy the CoffeeMate Sweet Cream creamer, and take swigs of it right out of the canister. No shame here.

5. Every now and then, if I don’t have enough milk for my cereal but just happen to have half & half…well, let’s just say I do not run to the store.



Now, that everyone officially thinks I’m gross, let’s answer the following question, “How can I dress up my jean shorts?” That’s easy, with sequins. Also, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that my standard outfit is jean shorts, a blazer and a top. Here, I’ve dressed it up a bit more, these two looks are a bit more casual: one and two. There are quite a few more, just click on the “My Style” icon to the right.

Have a great last week of October!


DSC_0706_w text copy

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