High Waisted


I am not a fan of shopping for jeans. Sometimes, (if I’m lucky) I’ll run into a pair that works but I tend to always have a problem with them:

  • They are too tight and if I go up one size, they fit everywhere but the waist.
  • I buy what I think is the right size and fit, but after one wear, the material stretches out. Then I need to wash them so that the material shrinks back, and the cycle starts all over again.
  • That horrid “gap” in the back between your lower back and the top of the jean (that may or may not be solved with a belt).
  • Low-rise jeans (my worst nightmare).
  • I settle on a pair that works but I usually end up having to hem them because they are way too long.

I have 2 pairs of go-to jeans. With fall/winter approaching I figured I’d need a couple more to add into my rotation. So began the hunt.


After a lot of huffing, puffing, squeezing into, squatting down, and jumping up and down, I finally decided to try one more store, American Eagle. (My roommate recommended it. Plus, I loved their shorts, so I thought why not?). I tried on at least 10 pairs and with a help of a friend who was like “No girl.” “No.” “Absolutely not.” “Take those off.” “Don’t even try.” “Those are weird.”…I was able to pick out two pairs—one black and one high waisted (!)


So I have to admit, I initially thought these high waisted ones were definitely going to be “mom jeans”—I’m going to take that back. I love them. First of all, AE sells them in long, regular and short (thank god). Secondly, they fit nicely—I can move in them, squat and breathe (holler). Plus, since they pull up a little higher on the waist, they smooth out that weird hip-area. I think they’re great and if worn properly, look sophisticated and put-together.

So for now, I think I’m done in the jean department. (Small victory).


DSC_0758_w text copy

Here are a couple other outfits I’m into with the high waisted-look.

High Waisted Jeans_1

High Waisted Jeans_2

High Waisted Jeans_3

Images via: one, two, and three

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12 thoughts on “High Waisted

  1. gawd I have not pulled the trigger on high waisted jeans lol… but I need to! I need to have your patience and a “no” friend with me hahaha! I love these jeans on you though, glad you went through all that pain of trying stuff on because you found yourself a great pair!


    • Uris – it was not that easy. I was pretty hesitant…haha! Then I just tried them on, and my friend was like “yeah…those work!”. Not sure if I’ll buy any more pairs but I’m very happy with these. Thanks for stopping by – I love reading your comments!

    • Thanks! No problem. I figured there were a lot of other girls out there that were like “ehhh…I don’t think so…” BUT I highly recommend just giving it a shot. You never know!

  2. You really work those high waisted jeans!! Love it, and that top does NOT look like it came from Target! & I totally get the jean shopping aversion. I am short and curvy, and jeans are made for toothpick thin 6 foot models. Jeans and I were just never meant to be 😦

    Dear Sunny Vintage

  3. Wow…thanks so much Yvonne! Target has a pretty funny way of making cheap things look expensive! Jeans these days…I swear…I’m lucky if I can get some over my calf. Like who is designing them and why do they think we’re all super duper tiny and tall? Haha!

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