Look at Dem’ Hot Pink Jeans


It’s that weird time of the year again—the summer/fall transition—it’s back to school, the fashion-world is “craving” darker, fall colors (Why?), Starbucks telling us their pumpkin-spice products are coming out early (I have no words.) and I’ve seen people bust out their tall boots (Are you kidding me?). Why is there always this rush into fall? I mean, who doesn’t love patio-seating, sweat rolling down their backs, snow-cones, mosquitoes and crazy-bright colors that make people’s eyes hurt? No one. Come on now guys…there’s no rush. No rush.




I for one, will not let this weird “OMG! I am SO ready for fall to be here!”-stuff get to me. This includes, rocking these blinding, hot pink pants until someone has to pry me out of them. Literally (they are kind of tight on me). So, I take a stand against maroon pants, boots and candy cane-peppermint mochas. (I’m just tough like that).

Also, for all you fall-time squash lovers that got excited when I said Starbucks is releasing their pumpkin spice line early…I’m not kidding, you can get it starting September 2. Happy Labor Day Weekend to you too!

DSC_0456_w text

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10 thoughts on “Look at Dem’ Hot Pink Jeans

    • Thanks for stopping by Kacie! The gym I go to a few times a week just happens to be right next to a TJ Maxx. Good thing I’m going to the gym; bad thing that it’s right next to that store! So every now and then, I happen to find a good steal!

  1. OMG can I just say amen to that!! What really is the rush? I do notice though that most of the people that say that are from Texas, Florida or even Cali. I, on the other hand, my seattle-living self will take the sun as much as I can because as everyone knows, when it rains here…well, we already know what happens next! hahaha! Just like you and your cute summer outfit, I am gonna keep wearing my summer outfits until it is way to cold to wear them while shooting outdoors! Thanks for cracking me up today!


    • Thank you! I’m not even quite sure why people in Texas even want fall considering 90% of them can’t stand it below 65 degrees…ha! It rains here pretty much every day too followed by a large, gross cloud of humidity. It does wonders to my hair and attitude…jk! Thanks for stopping by and glad I could make you laugh!

    • I’m definitely going to need to check out Revlon’s Red Siren lipstick. I’m always on the look out for a good red one! Thanks for stopping by through the link up and for the comment! Hope you visit again soon!

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