Taco Bell to the Rescue



If you look really closely—I have about 20 mosquito bites on my left leg. I locked myself out of my apartment for 4 hours this past Saturday. I waited in the heat—no phone, no money, with only a pair of super short night-time boxers with hearts on, a t-shirt (no bra) and a broom. The broom because I went to sweep the front patio and the self-locking door took over. However, I kept myself busy by sweeping, reading old magazines my roommate had thrown in our recycling bin, clearing up the patio, watering some dead plants, discovering a plate of slugs (ew) and taking a walk through the neighborhood. I had every intention of familiarizing myself with my new surroundings and I figured this was the perfect opportunity. (Even though, I got quite a few “she’s doing the walk of shame” stares). So not as unproductive as you would think and I’m sure my neighbors all “love” the weirdo living next door.




I’d also like to thank Taco Bell for not only creating those awesome Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos but for also employing a great person who helped me track down my roommate, gave me a glass of water, let me use the restroom and told me “It’s OK sweetie, we ALL do stupid things”. Again, Taco Bell saves the day.

I hauled a large portion of my collection of shorts to my new place since it’s definitely spring/summer down here. These from American Eagle happen to be one of my favorite pairs since they are so versatile. I can roll them up or down (depending on how slutty I feel like being that day), wear them to the beach or out to drinks, just like this. Plus, they are a bit loose fitting, so they don’t hike up my butt when I walk (as A LOT of jean shorts do these days) and are just plain comfortable. Here’s a link to a similar pair: AE Boyfriend Short, in case you’re interested.

DSC_0290_w text

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