Cat in the Hat


We have a third birthday to celebrate. I know…how did that even happen? I don’t mean this in the OMG! Time goes by so fast! It’s been 3 years!—sense. I mean it more in the Whoa…you’re still here?—sense. In this era of, let’s say…”social media domination”, the blogging world is saturated. Practically, everyone and everything has a blog. Even retailers who already have great websites and content (i.e. J. Crew or Kate Spade) also have blogs. I believe it’s the best media for storytelling; which is what every marketer aims to do. The key is to form a bond with your readers or clients. The best way to do this is to give them the inside scoop, make them feel connected to your brand.

However, blogs tend to die off fast and for hundreds of reasons other than, the blogger gets busy. While, I’ve gone through times, even a month or so when I barely posted anything (eh…life happens), I’ve always tried to re-center myself and come back here. It still serves as my most creative outlet. Even if people don’t like my outfits, the way I write, my limited backgrounds, hell…even how I change the look every few months—I’ve made a commitment to it. Plus, there are a select few individuals who enjoy it too. A good blog doesn’t necessarily mean one that is inundated with comments, sponsors, viewers, etc. but one in which the writer truly enjoys what they are doing and has committed themselves to making it theirs or one that fulfills the mission of an institution/company.

In other words, let’s just say blogs (this one in particular) are not going anywhere. Well, mine may go onto a self-hosted platform one day, but that’s for us weird blog-tech geeks to be enthusiastic about. Here’s to another 3 years!



I really don’t know what it is about this outfit but I kind of feel like a Dr. Seuss character. Maybe it’s the hat? Maybe with the red/white/black and leopard print – I literally am the Cat in the Hat? Also, mixing leopard with stripes – I’m a fan. Like a HUGE fan. Now all I need is green eggs and ham.


DSC_0048 w text


To see how I wore this combo last year, click here.

P.S. Every year around this time, I try and put up a blogging tips piece. This year will be no different. Right now, I have a “How to Design Your Own Blog” post in the works. It still needs a few touch-ups but for the most part, it’s done. So, if you guys are interested in some first-hand knowledge about how to create a simple, well-thought out blog or website design, it’s coming. Don’t you fret.

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