Leather & Butter – Do Not Go Together



Yes, I am a repeat offender. Kind of. Unfortunately, the two main pieces from the original post, Leather & Jewels, are no longer with us. Both the leather skirt and shirt were involved in a freak-washing-machine accident, having gone to their respective heavens just a few months ago. RIP.

I’ve since replaced one of them. Seriously though, why are all the black, leather skirts these days too tight, too short or too skanky? Anyways, this is still one of my favorite combinations – you can find the first take on this outfit here. While the styling and fabrics used are very similar – chambray, leather and shirt buttoned-up with a necklace, both looks are still quite different. I have to say, leather and chambray are kind of like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together.




Speaking of food, can I just plug in a blogging pet peeve here? Bloggers who call leather “buttery”. For example, “I love the soft, smooth buttery feeling these leather pants give off.” What in the hell does this even mean? Like how would you even know this, unless you actually sat down and spread butter all over your legs? Which I can guarantee would probably not feel that awesome. Plus, you’ll be slipping and sliding everywhere and getting it in unmentionable parts. Just simply say, “it feels smooth”. Don’t compare it to butter. I eat butter – and I love it. I don’t eat leather.

DSC_0920 w text

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