Floral & Fur


Let me begin by apologizing. It’s been cold and rainy most weekends. With that, my picture-taking has had to move from the outside to the inside (and by “inside”, I mean garage). Hence, the reason why they are all on a white background (as opposed to the green of my garden or the brick wall of my house). With that, please bear with me over the next few weeks while most of my photos are taken in the same spot. I know…I know…this is boring. On the up side, I think it helps the outfit stand out and I don’t get too cold. (Hey…I got to justify the utilization of this white backdrop somehow).

I’m also going to start posting my Peru travel experiences over the next couple of weeks. So stay tuned for photos, thoughts and recommendations (in case you ever go).




To the outfit. I mentioned in my last post that layering has become a bit easier and more fashionable with a few trends coming into play. Here again, is my favorite combo of faux-fur vest and utility jacket (something I did a couple years back in this winter-post).

DSC_0925T-shirt, leggings & scarf – F21, Booties and hat – Target, Faux-fur vest – gifted, Jacket – Ross 

For a bit of color to an otherwise neutral-colored outfit, I added the floral scarf. Not only is this one of the coziest outfits I’ve worn but it also happens to incorporate quite a few of the fall essentials I posted about last year. Including leggings (or leather pants), utility jacket, gray t-shirt and booties.  So there you go, another variation to add to the other outfits created with these pieces.


To view the original Fall Essentials post + outfits, click here.

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