Faux Real



I like to consider myself a vegetarian—a bacon-only, sometimes seafood-eating, so hungry I may just eat a piece of chicken-type of vegetarian. So does this make me faux-veg? Seriously, why isn’t this an option on planes, at restaurants or on your RSVP card for a wedding reception dinner? I mean, if there are powers out there that claimed Pluto was a “faux-planet”, shouldn’t there be something for the faux-vegetarians? (Obviously there are people out there who have time to waste). It’d be awesome for those of us who are mostly vegetarian but every now and then see a deliciously made piece of meat and think “Just this one time. Then I won’t…for awhile.” It’d make us feel less guilty.

I guess I’m just a “faux-ny” (get it? geez…I’m cheesy) overall.  I wear faux-leather, faux-designer brands and now faux-fur. It actually got cold enough to bust out this vest after being cooped up for a couple of years due to our mild winters. I walked around in it all day at work hoping someone…anyone…would ask “Can I pet you?” No one did. (Though, someone did ask what I killed to make it). In addition to this vest, I have a black faux-fur neck wrap and matching head wrap. It hasn’t gotten cold enough to take those two out, just yet. However, I did sport it for a makeup tutorial last year. By the way, I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt with them in those images. That’s how we roll in Houston.



Needless to say, I’m a fan of the faux-fur trend. It’s warm, soft and believe it or not, it can be styled in quite a few ways. No one has to know it’s fake (it can be your secret) but I always make it a point to tell people “no” if they are dumb enough to think it’s real. I really don’t need people thinking I’m an animal killer; but just in case, I’ve prepared an “I love animals! I’m a faux-vegetarian!” chant and protest sign.


DSC_0940_w text

Here are some of my favorite looks featuring fur:

Faux Fur_1

Faux Fur_7

Faux Fur_5

Faux Fur_4

Faux Fur_3

Faux Fur_2

Faux Fur_9

Faux Fur_8

Image Credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

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