December Goal: Yoga Headstand

forearm headstand_5

I made some resolutions this year and might I add, that this has been the first year where I’m actually cool with what I’ve done so far. (Note: I said “cool” not “proud”). Obviously, I didn’t do everything I set out to accomplish but I did do some (recap at end of this post) and some is better than none.

forearm headstand_1

One of my resolutions was to do more yoga. While I’ve made this a good part of my weekly workout routine this year, one of the things I REALLY wanted to learn how to do was pincha mayurasana, aka forearm headstand (and you guys thought I was joking back in January when I first mentioned it).This past Sunday was December 1 and it hit me – I haven’t even attempted it and I only have a month left! So I got right to it. After a lot of groans, red faces, falls, scraped toes and a couple of elbow burns—I can safely say this is WAY harder than all those perfect yoga girls make it look like on their You Tube videos. Ughh…damn them.

forearm headstand_3

I’m obviously not going to be as awesome as the girls in these images but I’m hoping (like really hoping) that with some diligent practice, healthier eating and a focus on upper body strength (the return of BodyPump), I can have something by the end of the month. I’ll be taking an image every Sunday over the next 5 weeks to track my progress and study my form. I’ll be posting a review of my progres at the end of December! Hopefully, I’ll be able to kick myself up off the ground without the help of a good old sturdy wall. But for now, let’s just say these elbow burns—hurt. I mean they really do.

yoga scars  

rg_hey girl yoga quote

Just for you Ryan…just for you.

2013 Resolutions Recap (in case you cared)

  1. Travels – I went to Spain and Morocco.
  2. Yoga – I’ve been going to at least one yoga class a week. This also included hot yoga for a few months plus an aerial yoga class.
  3. Eating healthy – Ehhh…I’m working REALLY hard on this. Those bacon, jalapeño, cream cheese kolaches from Kolache Factory are my kryptonite.
  4. Smart financial decisions – I’ve cut back on my spending—watching what I buy, making sure I’m saving and only investing in pieces or things that I know I will keep for awhile. I still have a ways to go but my impulse-buys happen less frequently now!
  5. Positive thinking – I’ve had quite a few blips this year which have thrown me off-course. While I tried to write down one positive thing a day, it didn’t really work out. This is something I’m definitely going to have work harder on next year.
  6. Designs – I feel like I’ve slowly upped the game on the way the blog looks plus some of the outside design/creative work that I’ve done. Again, this will always be a project of mine so I’m hoping to take it to another level come 2014.
  7. Risks – I think I’ve done this in some sense this year – plunging in and just buying a ticket to Spain and Morocco, eating baby squid, partaking in a speed dating session, putting myself in situations where I don’t know anyone really, attempting to cook things—but there are still quite a few things that I want to do for myself that I’m just now starting to get the balls to do. So yeah, we’ll see what 2014 brings.

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4 thoughts on “December Goal: Yoga Headstand

  1. Good luck, it’s a very challenging posture but feels great once you’ve nailed it! Make sure you focus on core strength (this is what keeps you up once in the posture) and do lots of chaturangas to develop that upper body strength. Keeping the elbows shoulder width apart minimises the risk of hurting the arms and shoulders and provides stability. 🙂

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