Fall Essentials – The Outfits

13 Fall Outfits_w Text

As a follow up to last week’s Fall Essentials post, I thought it would be helpful to take those pieces and create outfits based on them. This way you can see how to style them and now, I know what I’ll be wearing for the next couple of weeks. It’s a win-win for both of us. Below are 13 outfits using pieces similar to the ones in last week’s post and I’ve added in a few accessories (hats, scarves and footwear).

Each outfit is pretty simple but really all you need are good, basic pieces in rotation to help keep your closet poppin’. There are quite a few more outfits you could make other than the ones I’ve shown since you can easily switch up your tops, bottoms or accessories.

For recommendations on stores or pieces that I liked, visit my previous post – 10 Fall Essentials. For details about where my pieces are from, scroll to the bottom.

Here are 13 fall-inspired outfits based on the pieces below:

Fall Pieces_My Closet_Image















1. Gray cardigan – Forever 21; 2. Black blazer – Banana Republic; 3. Green utility jacket – Ross; 4. Stripe T – F21, Polka-dot T – Old Navy; 5. White T – ZARA, Gray T – Target; 6. Faux-leather pants – Urban Outfitters; 7. Purple jeans – Charlotte Russe, Dark denim jeans – Old Navy; 8. Printed leggings – Ross; 9. Black peplum skirt – F21; 10. Black tunic/dress – Target


Metallic brogues – Burlington Coat Factory; Leopard flats – GAP; Brown booties – Target; Black buckle booties – DSW; Black pumps – Ross; Leopard scarf – H&M; Purple scarf – Urban Outfitters; Tan fedora hat, black/leather baseball cap & tights – Target; Maroon (oxblood) bag – Banana Republic; Orange bag – Harwin Street (flea market); Black purse – Vera Wang (for Kohl’s)

Fall Essentials_2013_10 Pieces

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