90s TV Love

Ode to 90s TV theme songs – I fully take credit for the fact that you might be singing these in your head while reading them or have one stuck on replay all day in your head. You are most welcome.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air_Draft 2 copy

Family Matters copy

Boy Meets World_Draft 2 copy

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego copy

Sister Sister copy

Full House copy

Danny Tanner taking a Dust Buster to clean his vacuum, Cory Matthews telling Topanga she’s “the one” for yet the 10,000th time, Steve Urkel’s infamous “Did I do that?”(followed by a snort), Jesse Katsopolis getting more and more good looking with each passing season (yum), learning World Geography not in class but by trying to figure out where Carmen Sandiego was, Carlton’s dance moves (just wow), Tia and Tamera getting appendicitis at the same time, the “moral of the story” music cueing at the end of each episode (no DJ, you are not fat!), Urkel’s machine to become Stephan, Mr. Feeny’s amazing sense of sarcasm, Roger’s braids, Steve (aka Aladdin) showing up to take DJ to the prom, and as a friend nicely put it “you know, Will Smith pretty much ***** a girl every episode” – why yes, yes he does.

The other week, I was feeling extremely nostalgic after watching an episode of Fresh Prince that I thought I’d You Tube all the shows TV theme songs. After going through them, I realized the words to most of these songs were so on point—they’re kind of like life lessons! With that, I got the idea to create some simple graphics highlighting the phrases that stood out to me—just to relive it a bit. I picked the shows I watched all the time as a kid and still to this day do not get tired of. I’m thinking I’ll probably get these printed, framed and hung up somewhere. Let’s face it – they’re pretty inspiring words.

Trust me, I wanted to do one for Saved by the Bell but ended up with the 6 above. With SBTB it’s really the quotes in the episodes that are awesome – “I like school…it’s a good way to kill time between weekends.” – Zach Morris

90s TV Love_All Graphics

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