Leather Shoulders


I have a slight obsession with leather and if worn properly, it can be incredibly sexy. If I could, I’d wear full leather dresses and pants to work. What’s holding me back? Well, let’s just say it isn’t the whole “club-wear” factor it gives off but more so, it would be SO hot. I’d have to put baby powder in places I’m not even going to mention here, just to avoid sweating. As a compromise, I’ve been looking for pieces that have subtle leather-detailing; ones that can be worn in or out of the office.


I stumbled upon this dress at Target (Geez…that place is my kryptonite. I swear I went in for a pair of $10 headphones and came out with $60 less in my piggy bank). I really couldn’t pass it up, it has everything—pockets, zippers, a waist-tie, silky material, subtle hi/lo hem and of course the leather shoulders. (By the way, the first thing I did was check to see if the zippers were REAL pockets (AND I’m pretty sure you guys have been sold on a dress at one point or another when you found out it had secret pockets too).


To top it all off, I can wear it as a dress or a tunic. I mean, yeah if I were to wave my hands in the air like I just don’t care, it would ride up dangerously short but I’m not really jamming out to that song all day (out loud, that is). I can easily wear something like this in the warmer months (bare-legged) and in the cooler ones, by turning it into a top and wearing it with leggings or tights. Finally, something for the shorties…the tuni-dress (tunic/dress)—don’t try and copy that word now.


DSC_0047_w Text

Lately, I’ve started tying a long-sleeve shirt or cover up around my waist. I do it in case I get cold at a restaurant or at work but I think it also serves as a nice accessory piece to an outfit. Also, it’s a much more stylish and hassle-free way of “carrying” a pull-over rather than having to hold on to it, stuffing it in your purse or the most absurd thing I’ve seen—draping it over your shoulders. Since I’m all about the easy-way out, it goes around my waist. Done and done.

A couple weeks ago, a friend asked if I’d do a fall-essentials piece. While, it isn’t exactly cool by any means in Texas, I thought I’d take a go at it. So for my next style post, I’ve turned this outfit into something I’d wear in the fall and incorporated a couple of pieces that I think would be good to have for the cooler months ahead. This way you can see it in action. Stay tuned for that post!

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