Bangs, Bobs and Beyonce’s Hair



Oh yes, you have noticed the bangs. I’m trying them out for the second time this year. I was on the fence the first time so I let them grow out over the summer. However, I thought I’d give it another go. I’m still not sure if this is a feeble attempt at my 30 year-old self trying to go back to being 12 again or if I truly just want to change up my look. With that, I’m not sure if I will be keeping them at this length or just letting the whole concept of “having bangs” go.


DSC_0862_w Text


However, I have been obsessing over the way Beyoncé rocks her new hair cut (not the pixie, the other one), and it’s kind of making me wonder if I should chop mine off again. For those of you who didn’t know me pre-blog, I had a pretty similar hair cut and I loved it. I sported it for a little over two years but then decided to grow it out. When this blog first started, I was in the beginning of stages of doing that, so if you take a look back you’ll see what it was two years ago. I’m not going to beat around the bush, if you’re considering getting an angled bob haircut, it comes with the good, the bad and the ugly.

Beyonces New Haircut

The Good: This haircut is absolutely amazing. It’s edgy, fun and there are tons of ways you can style it (though, it takes time). I found it to be a great confidence booster and I ended up going shorter, and shorter (in the back) each time I got it cut. I loved it and if you’re looking to take a risk with your hair (without going all Rihanna or Halle Berry-esque), go for it.


The Bad: It’s expensive to maintain both money and time-wise. It’s not a haircut where you can just wash your hair, go to bed and in the morning it’s fine. It requires some work, especially if you have naturally, wavy hair like I do. For me, this cut did not allow my natural waves to form well so I always ended up having to style it. I’d have to take a round brush and blow-dry it in a certain way then run a straightener through it. If I wanted it wavy/curly, I always had to use a curler. Needless to say, it took awhile and I had to set aside “prep-time” to get the final results. Also, you do have to cut it more often to maintain the style, so it can be hard on your wallet depending on where you get it cut from. However, it is worth it so don’t let these two things scare you from getting it cut like this.

The Ugly: Growing it out. This style tends to grow our really awkward because the front is much longer than the shorter pieces of hair. When you decide that you want to start growing your hair out, keep in mind that there will be times where you will have to wait for the back to grow out which keeps making the front longer and longer; but to keep from having to cut it too short again you just have to wait for the back to grow. It’s not pleasant as it makes styling your hair difficult (I think I kept it in a low pony tail quite a bit) and it takes awhile (it took me at least two years to finally get it out of its awkward stage).

Unlike Beyoncé, I’m not able to sport wig/weave when it gets to that weird stage (nor will I even look 1/16th as amazing as she looks), so for me to chop mine off again, I have to be prepared for it and really want to do it. I’m not too sure, if I’m ready for that type of commitment just yet (maybe in a couple of years). Now don’t let me stop you – if you want to do it, you go right ahead! It really is an awesome cut and when the time comes, I’ll be chopping these locks off just like this.

Before I go, I have to give her mad props for not only being able to let go of her hair and still do her signature hair-flip dance move but also being able to rock a blue, sequin jumpsuit. How many women can say that?

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2 thoughts on “Bangs, Bobs and Beyonce’s Hair

  1. She certainly knows how to rock a bob! Unfortunately for us mere mortals, we have to deal with things like frizz and stuff on bad hair days. I’ve had bangs for a couple of years now. The maintenance is tough but it adds a certain cuteness to a look 🙂

  2. Hi Dayle! Thanks for stopping by and I couldn’t agree with you more! If only I had a team of stylists walking around with me all day. You’d think bangs were an easy thing to keep up with but there are definitely days where they just look awful and I wish I could add extensions on them to tie them back!

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