Day 10 – Along Costa Brava & To Cadaques

May 11, 2013















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I’m sitting here in my all white hotel room, with pops of lime green and wicker accents and seriously feel like I’m in a dream. Cadaqués is so much more than I imagined and all I want to do is freeze time and enjoy this forever. Hmmm…I should probably stop and start from the top.

What an awesome car ride over here (minus the weird, awkward “Let’s Get to Know Each Other Better” game that M wanted to play); it was filled with mountains, green fields, beautiful weather with lots of sun and random villages or towns. We made our first stop at Palafrugell – a quaint, sea-side town. I think we were all still pretty tired from the events of the night before so we all went into a bit of a pensive state. I ended up climbing out to a rock that was a bit away from shore, sitting my leopard-printed butt down and just soaking in the beauty of the town and the Mediterranean Sea. After, prying myself from the rock (well really it was a group of couples that wanted me to take their picture in the same spot that forced me to get up), all three of us went walking. P found his dream house – bright, white walls, royal blue panel windows and pink flowers (god knows how he’s going to recreate that in Houston) while M and I frolicked (dipped our toes) in the ocean, made hearts with our hands (her choice not mine) and I’ve decided that sunbathing topless in a Mediterranean City is definitely on a “To Do” list of mine.

Back on the road, we started driving up these beautiful mountain/hill sides, stopping at like every opportunity to take photos of the awesomeness around us and slowly made our way into Cadaqués. At first sight, I thought I had ended up in Greece. There were stark white homes, with stucco tile roofs and blue doors plus gorgeous, clear blue sea in front it. It’s not a site I can get out of my mind and at this moment, it’s right outside my bedroom (!)

This is it. I’ve found it – my retirement location. The town is absolutely stunning and I really couldn’t get enough of it while walking around today. It has just the right mix of Spanish, Greek and French influence. We just walked up and down near the sea and through the town, taking pictures, goofing off and just really enjoying everything. I really can’t describe how amazing this place is and hopefully the pictures I have will do it justice.

P really wanted to seek out a lighthouse which happens to be the highest point looking out so we plugged it into the GPS and made our way to it. Or so we thought. We actually ended up at probably the lowest point and in a completely different town! El Sol something. The sun was setting at that point and the ocean looked quite pretty so we walked out onto a wobbly pier to do a bit more photography (because we hadn’t done enough) before piling back into the car to Cadaqués.

Half way there, M goes “Wouldn’t it be so funny if we just decided to cross the border and go to France for coffee and dessert.” So then we ended up in Cerbere, France. Yeah…I know! Talk about some Euro-conquering. We just crossed right into France – no border patrol, no station—just a sign to let us know and a graffiti-filled building with the words “CATALAN” all over it. Pretty awesome. We drove down into France and went straight to a local coffee/dessert shop. M and P had been to France before so I’m not sure how they felt about being in just Cerbere but I found the whole experience amazing!

There really is something about France that makes you feel a bit wonder-struck. If only I had known – I would have asked to go to Paris! After indulging in some ridiculously amazing sweets and coffee we winded back through the mountains to Cadaqués. Let’s just say so much winding through the mountain-side in a car, is not good for my tummy.

So now, I’m sitting here with a tummy ache. Honestly, I wouldn’t trade this experience for a bottle of Pepto at all. I’m stoked about getting up super early in the morning to take a walk with M through Cadaqués and just explore it with no one around!

Also, tomorrow is pretty much my last day on this trip – I don’t really know how I feel about it just yet…

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