Floral Rock // Pink, Black, Matilda & My Elementary Years


I’m not going to lie, this dress is pretty Kindergarten teacher-ish. With its long sleeves, floral pattern, pastel color combo and knee-length fit – it reminds me of sweet Ms. Honey from Matilda. By the way, Matilda is one of my all-time favorite Roald Dahl books; I’m sure many of you will agree. If only I had been so smart, that my brain just couldn’t handle all the smart-ness and as an outlet it gave me the ability to move things. Plus, having everyone in your class adore and admire you. Unfortunately, this was not my elementary school fate.

Instead it was thick-rimmed, pink, plastic glasses by the time I was 7, ESL classes till I was in 5th grade, a momentary lapse of judgment during a spelling test when “apple” was mistakenly spelled “appel” (something my father was less than thrilled about), quite a few badly-graded papers stuck in the only big book I had at home – All About Dinosaurs  (how convenient), years of being galled “Jodie the coyote the grody” and to top it all off (literally) a mane of thick, black, wavy, messy, tangled, un-kept hair and bangs. So yeah, my dreams of becoming a genius after reading Matilda somewhere in the middle of my elementary years were pretty much shattered. Though, I do remember thinking that we’d be great friends and it turns out, I’m not all that dumb (grody…maybe).



When I put this dress on at home, I realized that it was a little “too cute” for my liking (you’d think I would have known this at the time of purchase but it was $10 and I really liked the print). However, I was on a mission to work it. Pairing it with studded or spiky jewelry was not going to cut it (I am not Rihanna). So instead of wearing a standard nude heel or something girly, for the first few times I went with a pair of black/white, faux-snake skin ballet flats. You’d think it would clash with the floral but it gave just the right amount of edge to an otherwise sweet-looking dress. When the flats died, I switched to these open-toe black booties (here are better images of the shoes). With a chunky black bracelet and black bag, I look less like a Kindergarten teacher and more like a rock girl with flower power (or so I like to think). I’d rather be Matilda, though.

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