Doppler Effect // Black, White & Salmon



For some geek-tastic reason this dress reminds me of the Doppler Effect. What is that? Well, I’m not quite sure. However I am pretty confident that this clip – Sheldon as the Doppler Effect on The Big Bang Theory will help you out in a slightly better, funnier way than I ever could.

On to the dress. I was perusing through a H&M in Boston (by “perusing” I mean savagely-hunting-for-awesome-H&M-pieces-because-there-isn’t-one-close-to-me-AT-ALL-in-Houston) when I casually came upon this dress. They had it in other colors too – navy, maroon/wine and black but I really liked the pattern on this one, and the price…$12.95. Oh yeah, you read that right…$12.95. I snatched it up. After wearing it for a night, I decided that it fit and felt so great that I wanted it in other colors so I went back to the store. Of course, they were pretty much all sold out in 2 days. Go figure. I’m not sure if the stores will still carry this dress, considering I bought it a month ago. However, since you can now buy H&M pieces online, here’s one that is similar.




I wore this dress to work sans flower. When I came back and saw the flower sitting on my dresser, I thought I’d pin it on to see what it would look like. Personally, I think it adds just the right feminine touch to a pretty busy pattern (you could also throw on a black blazer and pin the flower to the lapel of that instead). Plus, this dress will easily transition into my fall wardrobe maybe with a black, leather jacket and ankle boots. Now, I said this dress was “busy” because my Mom called it “interesting” while my Dad asked if I had escaped from jail. So there you go—the opinions of my parents. I’ll let you form your own, though.

DSC_0644_w text

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