A Cup of Jo


I’m not the world’s biggest fan of coffee. In fact, I can’t even have too much of it because it just doesn’t sit well with me nor do I like the “jittery” effect it gives me. What gets me every time is the smell of it. Ahhhhh yes, one of my favorite smells is a freshly brewed pot of hot coffee.

I have to admit though, I don’t know much about coffee. In fact, I didn’t even know what a café ole was until a couple months ago. (To be honest, I still really don’t know what it is). However, I do have an interesting relationship with coffee. See below:

  1. I barely ever order hot coffee – it’s always iced (even in the winter).
  2. I always pour about ½ of the cup in the trash, then fill it back up with a mixture of half and half and milk and add two packets of sugar. (You may now wipe that disgusted look off your face). If I’m feeling really good…I’ll put honey on top. (Now you can look disgusted again).
  3. I’m addicted to Sugar in the Raw packets. I love that the sugary-bits fall to the bottom of the glass and you have to use a straw to suck it back up and then they burst in your mouth. Seriously…love it.
  4. I’m a chai person. Masala chai…above all else.
  5. Keurig machines fascinate me. (I am easily fascinated).
  6. I once had an entire Starbucks Espresso Double Shot the night before taking a semi-important mid-term. Worst.Night.Ever.
  7. There’s a chain coffee shop named Jo. I do not own it.
  8. Coffee does not wake me up or fuel my energy. In fact, I tend to fall asleep more quickly. Eh…not sure if this is just me…
  9. For someone who is a huge Dunkin’ Donuts lover – I’ve never had their coffee. Just their white hot chocolate with marshmallow cream on top. You say disgusting, I say mmmm.
  10. I’m a BOSS at taking half and half shots. What is this? Well, you take the little packets of half and half, add a bit of sugar to it and drink it – shot style. Don’t believe me…take me to IHOP, I dare you.

As you can tell, this coffee-post has nothing to do with this outfit. I just really wanted to talk about coffee over tangerines and lemons today. However, I do have to say, I’ve gotten really good use out of this black bow-tie top; you can see it here, here  and here but I’ve worn it loads more times than this. Usually as a layering piece as I think it adds a nice, sophisticated touch to quite a few outfits. I’d definitely recommend investing in something similar if you haven’t. I also own a white one which can be seen quite a few times on the blog as well, check out the Dressed Up tab for these.

Hope you guys have been enjoying some of my other posts including the DIY Pom Pom Shoes and Tips for Carry On Make Up. If there’s something particular you’d like me to talk about, please do let me know. I’m really aiming to make this blog more resourceful for my readers so I’m open to any suggestions. As always, you can find me (being more active!) on Facebook and Twitter.



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