Picking At Fashion


I obviously have a slight crush on fashion. At times, I feel like I am fashion-forward but only to the extent that I’m comfortable with. However, there are trends that I cannot get on board with and frankly, I’m a bit tired of some of them. I’m just throwing this out there, just to see if others feel the same way or maybe I’m just being too close-minded about it. Here goes…hopefully no one hates on me(!):

  1. Nail Polish Color-Blocking: I’m not a fan of the whole painting all your nails the same color but just one finger on each hand a different one. Nor am I huge on the whole nail-design trend. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I like consistency? Now, I’m all up for painting your toe nails and finger nails different colors but the color-blocking…it’s just not working for me.
  2. Socks with Open-Toe Shoes: I can’t. I just can’t. The concept of open toe is to show your toes not cover them up with socks. Plus, I’d look like an idiot doing this in Houston when it’s totally okay to wear open-toe shoes in the middle of “winter”.
  3. The Studded Valentino Heels: I’m over them. They were cute but now they’re just played out. Even if I happen to come across a knock-off pair for $20, I’d forego them.
  4. The Hi/Lo Skirt or Dress: I know…you guys are probably really not on board with me about this one. Unfortunately, I have to stick by what I’m saying…I’m growing a bit tired of it. Now, I’m not completely over the trend—I own a few pieces and have featured them on the blog (recently, seen here and here) but it’s definitely not a style I gravitate to anymore. I especially dislike the skirts or dresses that are sheer and long but have the shortened mini underneath it (another outfit I had featured last summer). These days, there have been so many dresses and prints that I’ve liked, reached for and noticed that it’s either hi/lo or sheer and short underneath and it’s killed the overall look of the piece. I’m hoping it slowly phases out but I think people are still in love with it so it might stick around for a bit. (Will I continue to wear the pieces I own? Yes, I mean I have to get my money’s worth, no?)
  5. Rompers: Not sexy. Plus, they make going to the bathroom such a hassle!
  6. Lace/Croqueted Shorts: I’m so over this. Why don’t we all just wrap an old-fashioned tablecloth around our waists and walk out the door?
  7. Harem Pants: These just don’t do anything for a woman’s body. Yes, they might be comfortable but there are so many other types of pants out there that are just as comfortable and flattering. Now harem pant sweats in the house – nothing wrong with that.
  8. Leggings As Pants: Need I say more?
  9. Ombre Hair: As my friend Ameeta put it so nicely when I had the whole look going on – it’s the lazy girl hair-color style. I have to admit though, that on some girls it looks pretty cool while on others it just looks like a bad dye job especially when their roots are SO dark and don’t really flow into the lighter locks. So, I’m not completely against it but do recommend a stylist that will make this look good instead of relying on a box. (I know in the images above it looks like I’m sporting that look but I’ve since dyed my hair to one darker color, added bangs and have gotten rid of the ombre).
  10. Kardashian Fashion (or lack thereof): This family needs to go away. Immediately. Maybe somewhere into the North West.

All right so now that I’ve done my whole “fashion-venting” bit. Here are some trends that I actually do like put together—stripes, colored pants and leopard print. For some the leopard heels might be too much, but swapping them out with nude pumps would work just as well. I’ve featured these pants before in another work-wear outfit that I really liked. Plus, I’ve done this whole look with a more summer-friendly style seen here. Since, a lot of women work in a professional field where shorts really aren’t allowed, I figured showcasing something like this might be more appropriate.

Image 462_471_w text

Top – CR, Pants, Jacket and Necklace  – F21, Bag – Vera Wang for Kohl’s, Shoes – BCBG (via TJ Maxx)

Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July!

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