What Your Birthday Means

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I’m not usually one to believe in these types of things. In fact, I refuse to put myself into any sort of palm-reading, horoscope-telling, future-telling, séance type of scenario. I’m sure for others this is absolutely exciting but for me, I’d rather just live and see what happens. I came upon this website, The Secret Language of Birthdays, while looking through one of my daily reads (designlovefest.com) and since I’ve been having “one of those” kinds of days, I thought, why not?

I do have to say that some of the stuff is a bit far-fetched and I skipped over it (I’m not quite sure what the celebrities on the right-side have anything to do with it) but some of the things are pretty spot-on and the advice is not so bad.

Here are just a few things that stood out about April 7:

  • Traits: Enthusiastic. Creative. Workaholic. Yup. Yup. And Yup!
  • The danger is that they will go overboard in their enthusiasm, overstressing their bodies and taking a good constitution for granted. Overstressing? Me? Never!
  • Because of vulnerability to stress-induced stomach ulcers, April 7 people may have to occasionally go on a bland diet, avoiding fatty, spicy and acidic foods. Funny…I thought I was lactose intolerant.
  • April 7 people often display great enthusiasm and creativity in their younger years, only to settle down into a more predictable or comfortable groove. Bravo! Completely spot on!
  • It is not at all unlikely for them to show their truly independent side much later in life, perhaps even in their sixties and seventies, when they may travel, exercise, explore creative activities or hobbies or in other ways strike out on their own. There’s hope for me, yet!
  • In early life, they tend to be extremely focused on their careers and goals. Requiring little from others, they keep to themselves and are self-protective. Yeah, I’m on the right path to become a hermit.
  • Prone to emotional dormancy, these people must learn how to reach out to others, thereby allowing them to share their unique brand of inspiration and magic. I knew I was a wizard inside.

These are all things that I know about myself but sometimes it’s cool to see it written in front of you. I thought I’d share it, in case anyone else is having “one of those” days and it’s Wednesday – a “hump” day so you’re welcome.

Image source: http://chicagoclasssouthernsass.tumblr.com/page/281.

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