This is one of the outfits I came up with after coming back from vacation (and I really wished I had thought of it beforehand). I don’t know…maybe it’s the fact that I was in France for a whole two hours that inspired this Parisian-esque look. Yes, that’s right—red and white stripes, black bottoms and oxfords screams “Paris”! (Or mimes…however you want to see it). Like the majority of the population – guy or girl, my all-time favorite outfit is shorts, a loose tee and flip flops. I can get really lazy when putting together this staple summer ensemble, most of the time I end up looking like a hot mess. (I hardly doubt old, wrinkly t-shirts, soffee shorts and Old Navy flip flops count as fashionable at my age). Nonetheless, there is that one time where I’ll dress it up, case in point.

I think this outfit can easily transition into something for fall with patterned tights, short booties and a jacket. For now, let’s just stick to bare legs. I’m a teeny bit obsessed with shorts (I have them in as many colors as I do my cardigans) and I secretly wish I could wear them all-year round. (Good thing wearing shorts with tights has become a “thing” now). I’ve even had to create a separate pin board just with outfits featuring shorts. Otherwise my other boards would become bombarded and jealous of all the cool girls wearing shorts.



I’m also a fan of high-waisted shorts. If styled properly (and by “properly” I mean nicely-fitted and not skin tight), it can create a very clean look. I also like the idea/fact that I can tuck my tops into the shorts (either all the way around or just the front-end tucked) to create a nicely tailored look. Here’s a tip for any fellow shorties out there. It’s no secret, I’m on the shorter side (a mere 5’ 3”); therefore some shorts, depending on the length, can make me look stocky. Even some of the shorter ones, which you would think would help because it shows off more leg, but on me, they don’t. Plus, I can barely get one of my butt cheeks into those short shorts. However, I’ve found the high-waisted shorts/tucked in shirt combo helps to elongate a shorter frame and makes me look/feel a bit taller.

DSC_0633_w Text

With that being said, here are some of my favorite outfits from the past couple of years featuring shorts: one, two, three, four, five, six.

For other shorts-inspired outfits check out my Short Style pinboard here.

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