Black Out but Not

MAD 1 (25)

I had intended to have the first segment of my travels up today but I’m still finalizing and editing images (my Photoshop software is about ready to kill me). I’ll definitely have one up on Thursday as I am really quite excited to share some of the images (not all 3000…I promise!) with you guys plus some travel stories. So instead of saying, I’ll be back, I thought I’d go ahead and kick off my May posts (three weeks late) with some travel style. Side note: I did not take very many outfit-centric pictures when I was away as that really wasn’t the intention of my trip. However, my cousin was kind enough to take a few on my second day in Madrid, right before we had to leave to catch a plane to Morocco.

I packed very lightly for this trip. So lightly, that all I had were two carry-on sized bags, that fit all my clothes and essentials for two weeks, plus my camera bag and purse. Go me! I’d have to say the biggest help I had were E-bags packing cubes. For $20 you get a set of three cubes in different sizes; they are awesome for packing clothes and undergarments in. If you roll/fold your pieces up properly, you can fit all three packing cubes, plus a make-up bag, toiletries bag and a few other things all nice and snugly into a carry-on. I learned how to pack from this blog, Seventeenth & Irving, and found the E-bags packing cubes here.

I wanted to make sure the pieces that I took were versatile enough to be worn a few times in different ways. I planned outfits a couple of weeks in advance, however I didn’t pack anything until the night before (the procrastinator in me). I ended up wearing most of my pieces at least 3-4 times before they got too dirty to wear again. Some of them got dirty/smelly in one day and I didn’t get a chance to wash them, so they only got one wear; but for the most part, I really did pack just enough. This black maxi dress definitely got out a few times.


There was still a slight chill in the air in Madrid so I attempted to do the whole “chic-black” look by adding a black leather jacket to the dress. It was a bit too boring for me, so I threw in the gold belt and red TOMS. The shoes don’t particularly match, but I chose comfort over style (besides they’re TOMS, they pretty much go with everything anyways). By the way, these are another essential travel purchase (a tip I got from a friend). They are so comfortable, almost as if you are walking on air plus your feet don’t hurt as much at the end of the day.

With that, we set out for Reitro Park in Madrid where we shot these pictures. I’m not going to get into too much detail about the park as that is part of my travel stories post but I will say that it was not easy climbing up this pillar-structure especially in a dress. However, I was in Spain and if I did flash anyone, I doubt they’d be phased by it.  Also, it smells like cat pee between the pillars. So inviting.

Here’s the struggle…

Combo Image_1

..made it!




Dress – Ross, Jacket & Glasses – F21, Scarf – H&M, Belt – Thrifted, Bag – Sam Moon, Shoes – TOMS

Photos taken by Menka in Madrid, Spain.

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