From Madrid to Marrakesh to Barcelona…I go.

Flamenco copy

I’m just going to say this – I’m a big WUSS when it comes to packing my bags and traveling somewhere (I mentioned this in my New Year’s Resolutions post and I’m pretty sure most of my friends would be in complete agreement). It’s not that I’m scared to travel (I do have a slight fear of flying) but mostly I do the whole “Eh, I’ll go later” bit or I just think too much about it. Then the opportunity passes me up and I continue to sit here—twiddling my thumbs, pinning cities and dreaming about places to visit. The very definition of “un-wanderlusting”. If that’s a word. Probably not.

Anyways, I decided to conduct an intervention…on myself. (Yes people. This is possible). If you are like me (and I hope that you are not), these steps may just help you:

1. Writing out SPAIN TICKETS in big, bold letters with a Sharpie (no other writing utensil would have been as effective) and taping it to the rear-view mirror of my car.

What normal, sane, totally awesome person has to do this when they want to travel somewhere? For VACATION, nonetheless? I DO. Me. Only me. I needed a constant, daily reminder that the country of Spain does exist, as does the word “tickets”, and I must get one so that I can go there (because a map and my dreams are just not enough). I’m sure you can only imagine the types of looks and questions I got when people sat in my car.

2. Sitting down and actually looking for plane tickets instead of pinning pictures of Spain on to my Take Me Here board on Pinterest. Honestly, the appropriate name for this board should probably be Taking Myself Here because let’s face it, ain’t no one going to take me anywhere.

At this point, my heart literally sank when I saw how expensive tickets were and I was going to give up. Yes, even AFTER I put the post-it up. The first step is always the hardest to overcome my friends.

3. NOT giving up. The next day I continued my search then the day after that and the day after that. Finally, after a week of soul-searching (aka ticket-searching), I found it! An affordable flight.

4. The FINAL step – overcoming my fear of booking an international trip one month out. I’m not going to lie, it took me awhile to gather my thoughts…think through this decision… come to terms with the fact that my bank account was going to decrease…OR MAYBE NOT. There was a bit of a hoopla between me, my credit card, the airlines, my bank and global call centers. It all ended in a three-way phone call and bit of resentment for call centers in India and a certain travel agent whom I shall call Savita.

5. I am booked.

When I told people, I actually think they thought I was lying. (Clearly, I had a problem). I received quite a few looks mixed with shock and excitement; along with the phrase, “Wow! I’m so happy for you! (I even got an “It’s about damn time”.) My cousin, whom I’ll be spending my trip with, kind of doesn’t believe that I’m actually coming. COME ON GUYS – do you not know me, if at all? It’s almost as if I had accomplished something amazing, like I was about to set off on a journey to climb Mt. Everest or if you are a 30-year old unmarried Indian girl—walking into a room full of Indian aunties and uncles and telling them that you found someone thus making THEIR lives complete. (Side note: I’m not even remotely close to doing either one of these things).

With that, in one week my trek from Madrid to Marrakesh to Barcelona (and a few cities in between) will begin. I am EXCITED and if anyone has any recommendations as to what type of meds to take that will lull my plane-anxiety or knock me out for an entire day of flying, please feel free to comment below (and of course, things to do).

Also, I realize that I have not posted a single fashion/style-related post all month. I promise to get one up before I leave next Wednesday so don’t shut me out for two straight weeks just yet!

Image sources: Flamenco dancer –; Moroccan gate doors –; La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona –

Graphic design by Jyoti.

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