30 Before 30: A Video Recap

30 Before 30_Image 1_Signed

I know you guys have been patiently waiting for this…REEEEE-CAAAP!!! <insert techno music, fist pumps and awesome dance moves>

Or not…

Here’s a video recap of my 30 Before 30.  Don’t worry it’s not just me straight talking (that would be boring), there are props! It is a bit long (hence the reason there are 2 videos but also WordPress would not let me download the whole thing all at once) so maybe you can watch it in parts or just skip over scenes? (If you do this, I will not be hurt nor will I ever know). However, you will be happy to know that not once did I pull a “Mark Rubio” and reach for a bottle of water mid-speech. (Go me).

***If you are not able to view the video you may need to “Enable Cookies” within your internet browser. You can follow this link to help you with that process. If you’re still not able to, then maybe I’ve done something wrong so please let me know.***

Do not mind the stupid face I’m making or the penguin…it is explained.

In case you are wondering what I’m wearing and where it’s from: bright blue jeans – CR, the “perfect” white t-shirt – ZARA, headband – F21. (No, seriously. If you’ve been looking for the perfect white T – this one is it. I just recently bought it (two weeks ago) and it was $10…sold).

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