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still eating ramen noodles at 30 for lunch. even better, finding ants in it – halfway through. #ihatemylife #ineedtocleanmycabinets

This is a tweet I wrote out yesterday afternoon. Just before tweeting it, I decided to check my Facebook.

That tweet now reads –

horrified by what happened in boston. can’t imagine what would possess someone to do this to others at a marathon. my thoughts are w/ them.

How quickly our perspectives change with only one instance…

I am still horrified and saddened about what happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday. Though, I’ve read about and watched so many of the tragic events that continue to happen not just in the U.S. but around the world, this one just hit so close to home. (Boston is where I was born and even though I’ve lived in Texas the majority of my life, that city will always hold a special place in my heart. I visit as often as I can and always love being there. So when this happened, I was completely shocked and my heart full of sadness for the victims and their families).

I don’t think I was able to keep my eyes dry since the afternoon/early evening nor tear myself away from the internet, TV or radio except for a few hours to run errands and of course to write this. (I’ve since tried to stop reading/watching too much as it only makes me more upset). My thoughts go out to each and every single one of those people who went to the marathon to do what they love – to run, to cheer, to be cheered for, offer support and leave feeling accomplished and fulfilled. Unfortunately, they were innocent victims to another completely selfish and unnecessary act.

Like thousands of other people, I will never understand what could possess someone to do something like this; to hurt innocent people and take away something they hold so sacred – their passion to do what makes them happy and to love life. This is another tragedy that has shaken us again and I cannot even begin to imagine what the families and friends of the victims are going through.

I have a heavy heart for everyone affected by such an incident both in Boston and around the world.  I wish there was something more I can do but unfortunately I am hundreds of miles away and can only send my prayers. However, the resilience and bravery of all those individuals who selflessly stood up to take care of others cannot be forgotten. People running into the chaos to help victims, medical workers working around the clock to help the injured, others opening up their homes, offering assistance and support, running to hospitals to give blood, thousands of thoughts, prayers and love going out to those directly affected and to those who may have families who were affected. (Thank you to everyone who reached out to me, my family and friends are thankfully safe and okay).

We all know that tragedies like this happen every day in other countries and unfortunately not much is done nor can be done about it. It’s heart-wrenching to think that it takes events like this, the loss of lives – young and old to finally get people to open up their eyes and look beyond what is just in front of them. The truth is we live in a scary world and change is something that does not happen overnight. It is a process and one I hope is brought into the spotlight on a larger-scale so that something can be done.

Times like these define the bravery and capability of a single human being and I am forever grateful for these individuals. Their courage is the strong hope that one day something will change. Every woman, man and child who believes in the good of society, who seeks to help and educate others, and who pursues the means to bring a sense of security and comfort to others is a hero.

Stay strong Beantown.

Note: I debated whether or not I actually wanted to post this piece. There are so many times when I feel and think things, write it up but then at the end I don’t post it. I’d rather just keep it to myself and know that writing it out made me feel better. However, this time I felt completely different about it. I wanted people to know, because if there is one thing that being a blogger has taught me, is that I’m not the only one. If I’m thinking this – others are and if others are I want them to know that we’re on the same boat. This is our connection.

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