Twenty Things I Learned In My 20s


As most of you know, I turn 30 on Sunday. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a piece about how I came to terms with it and the fact that I really am excited (!) This week, I’m taking another approach on these past ten years. Here are just some of the highlights (as there is SO much more to where these come from). Also, because I normally wear pants, a black top and a fedora then pose in front of  a brick walls, I thought I’d throw in these images. (Try and guess which one of the things in the above sentence is not true. You are right, I never wear pants). Click on any images (including the one below) to enlarge.

Twenty Things I Learned in my 20s copy

DSC_2229 copy

Top – F21, Jeans – I.N.C. sold at Macy’s, Fedora – Sam Moon

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4 thoughts on “Twenty Things I Learned In My 20s

  1. Great photos and excellent list. I could personally relate to almost every number. I turn 30 in November, fyi!

    p.s. And I love that the fedora is from Sam Moon. LOVE. that. store.

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