A Lot of Denim


I really don’t like talking about the weather here on the blog. I found that I did this a lot in the beginning because I was trying to establish some sort of connection between the weather and what to wear (snoooooze fest). I also live in Texas, where I really can’t complain about the weather; it is never in the single digits here (thank god) or so hot that they they have to add a new color to our weather maps (case in point, Australia – last week – 120 degrees). Plus, this is not weather.com nor am I meteorologist. I mean, I could be considering most of them lack any real skills when it comes to meteorology. All they really do is relay information that is given to them, which in most cases is wrong. Then they can use the phrase “Well, the weather IS unpredictable…” and no one gets mad and they still get paid. If I had known this 10 years ago, I probably would be on TV. Then I could be Amanda Seyfried’s character from Mean Girls who touches her breasts to predict the weather. Or maybe not…


OKAY…now I’m talking about the weather way too much. My point is that these pictures are a very misconstrued depiction of the weather right now in Texas. It is neither sunny nor warm and it hasn’t been for about two weeks (a bit rare for the South). So, yes – this outfit was taken way back like waaaaay back. The good thing is that I wear this exact same outfit year-round. It’s simple, classic, extremely easy to put together and works whenever. There’s not much to say about it considering it’s just denim on denim. I had posted this For Him…For Her piece touting about chambray and denim but never showed my take on it, so here it is.

DSC_1574 - Copy

I spent this past Saturday in Austin – I really do love that city. Every time I go back, I feel like it just keeps getting better and more interesting. I asked my cousin if I could just switch places with her. Then I realized I would be that creepy 30-year old however I could turn it around and be that cool girl who was old enough to buy beer. Yeah, I just keep managing to aim higher and higher in life…being a 30-year old beer buyer for 20-year old undergrads and a breast-touching meteorologist…go me.

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