Take Two

I’ve posted quite a bit this week and wasn’t really going to have anything new up until later on next week. Then I realized that I have a few outfits waiting in cue so I thought I’d get this one up before I decide that it is no longer blog-worthy.



Okay so I might have just lied considering I wore this same skirt in a very similar fashion over a year ago (see here). Unfortunately, I do not have any trains or mirrors in my backyard to make this skirt’s second appearance as cool. I apologize.

If it had been colder, I would have thrown on some thick black tights and a warmer jacket. In the warmer months, I ditch the scarf, wear it with this black tie top and nude flats. It’s definitely become a quick go-to outfit when I have absolutely no idea what to wear. (And that my friends is the story about this ensemble).

I’m sure you’re wondering if I tried to take a picture sitting in the wheel barrow behind me? Yeah, I did. (I even pointed it out). Let’s just say it was a disaster. There was way too much of the wrong stuff going on. I’ll leave it at that.



Today, I go to my first hot yoga class (!) If I do not post anything next week it means my body has given out, I’m still drowing in my own sweat (I know, I’m gross.) and everything hurts. Even my hair.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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