2013, Let’s Do This

NY Resolutions_CollageI love making new year’s resolutions. They always give me a sense of purpose and that jittery, new beginnings type of feeling. The other day, I posted this piece touching up on my 2012 and a few pictures of some goodies to get me started off for the year. Today, I thought I’d share my actual resolutions. I’d also love to hear what your resolutions are and how you plan on accomplishing them, so feel free to comment below!

Most people start the new year saying “I want to do less of this or less of that”. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this but I also feel that the word “less” sounds a bit negative in some cases. I figured I could use the word “more” to give my resolutions a bit of a positive spin. (Please note: This is something that works for me and may not apply to all individuals. This happens to be the case in a lot of things that I do, like making my bed before I go to bed. This is crazy but it’s what I do. So if using the word “less” is good for you, by all means – go ahead and do it).

So here we go…

… more travels.

Every time I get my paycheck the first thing I do is calculate my PTO (Paid Time Off). Then I make a mental note of it and like my check I store these days away. I barely ever use them. Yes, I take an occasional day off here and there and my travels mostly consist of going to Austin (!) or Dallas (ugh). Last year, I had two opportunities to go somewhere – Iceland and then Spain/Italy. Did I take them? No. Why you ask? I don’t know.

This is lame. I live in a city where I can catch a flight to anywhere at any time. What is the point of accumulating vacation days if you don’t take them? You’re right…none. So with that, I’m going places this year. Now, I haven’t quite decided where to yet but what I’d like to do is take two international trips and one trip in the U.S. Internationally, I’m thinking Spain/Morocco, Thailand, Sri Lanka or Iceland. Within the U.S., I want to go to San Francisco. I’m making trips happen. Enough said.

…more yoga.

After a few health issues last year, I was given the advice of meditating, doing breathing exercises and practicing yoga. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much this helped me. It took me awhile to get into the practice of doing these things and then I stopped. I shouldn’t have considering I always felt so much better about my body, more relaxed and had more positive energy. This year, I want to make yoga a routine part of my weekly exercise. In the coming weeks I plan on enrolling in hot and aerial yoga classes. Then I hope to be able to go to one type of yoga one or two times a week. By the end of the year, my goal is to be able to do this and this. Yes, I want to be bend-y.

…more healthy foods & water.

This too stems from my health experience last year. I realized that even though I was maintaining the weight I wanted and exercising regularly – I wasn’t exactly healthy. I lack a lot of the essential vitamins and nutrients that my body needs as I get older. Plus, gorging on sweet and fatty foods and not drinking enough water are going to catch up with me. Along with this, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure – they all run in my family and I have a much higher chance of developing these things if I don’t start taking care of myself properly. I’m also a huge “meal skipper”; for example, I can go a few days without eating lunch and living on breakfast or a small dinner. This is not okay. From here on out, I plan on eating regularly, cutting out certain things and really increasing my intake of veggies, fruits, proteins and taking essential vitamins. Hopefully, this also helps me from my knee giving out every now and then (However, I blame this on a little paintball “incident” a couple of years ago).  

…more smart financial decisions.

Whoa…did I realize this, this past weekend when I cleaned out my closet and collected four huge bags of clothes (even though, I had just cleaned my closet a little over 6 months ago)! So, this is where all my money is and why I can’t take vacations. I lied, I’m not that bad with my money.

As I approach 30, I have to start thinking about my financial future – retirement accounts, 401Ks, building my assets, maintaining a high credit score, bank and savings accounts, etc. Luckily, I have a bit of a head start on my retirement as I do put away money into a Roth IRA every month, have a few assets (some money and a car) and a decent credit score. However, I really need to learn how to spend less, save more and better manage my money. In this economy, this is something I have to take care of myself as no one is really going to help me. Therefore, I want to start off by meeting with a financial advisor, reading up on how to develop financial stability and ultimately making sure I can live comfortably as I get older, yet still do the things I want to do. You know like take that $3000+ trip to New Zealand to go on the LOTR tour. Yes, these are my aspirations.

…more positive thinking.

I lost a good deal of my positivity in 2012. It’s been a bit hard to get it back but I’m trying. To really help me do this, I decided that I would write down one positive thought a day and keep it in a jar. I started doing this on January 1st and it’s funny how some days it comes to me so fast while there are others that I have to sit and think about it. However, on those days I actually realize all the positive things that do happen to me and it’s kind of comforting to know that if I really think about it, it’s out there. Also, the more positive energy I have, the better I work. This is never a bad feeling. (Using all my tiles in a Scrabble game to create a 96 point word – yeah, that went down in the jar).

… more designs.

I like to think of myself as a pretty creative person. Over the past few months, I’ve really tried to step up the look of my blog and its posts. It’s just one way I’ve been trying to delve more into the designer in me. Being crafty, designing things and coming up with ways to showcase it to others is what drives my passion. It’s what I’m good at so why not keep learning more about it and eventually turn it into something more? I’m hoping to really up my graphic design skills, take on more creative, challenging projects and build upon my abilities this year. I have a lot to learn but am more than willing to do it. So if you begin to see a lot of colors, fonts, designs etc. on the blog – that’s me doing what I like to do.

….more risks.

I’m just going to lay it out there – I am not a risk taker. Everything I do is calculated and done with A LOT of thought. In some cases, this is necessary, in others (i.e. having to cross the street only when the walking man sign is on even though there are NO cars for miles) is not necessary. I live in a comfort zone…more so a bubble. I don’t really put myself in uncomfortable situations, test my boundaries, eat interesting foods (wait…does white chocolate peanut butter cups classify as interesting?), take random trips, travel more, I could go on and on. This is not the ideal way to live. Being practical is one thing but not letting yourself take risks or make mistakes is never going to help you grow. This is something that I really want to change about myself. Even though, I’ll be putting myself out there, getting disappointed, making myself sick (mainly from questionable dishes), making myself sad or excited—I have to do them. I have to be that person, for myself.

Whoa! That was A LOT, no? I’m just going to quickly end this post because I’m pretty sure that you get my point – I want to be awesome. (Meaning, I really want to make things happen this year). This is my ultimate goal and I’m going to do this.

All images via Pinterest (except the sequins).

6 thoughts on “2013, Let’s Do This

  1. I particularly identified with your last resolution – it’s pretty easy to live in the comfort zone and I have been doing that for quite a while…but I realise that it also spells out serious stagnation for me. Hopefully 2013 will be about de-stagnating myself:)

    Good luck with all your resolutions!

    • Hi Priyanka! So glad you feel the same way about the last resolution. It’s definitely a big one of mine! Hopefully, we’ll both be able to de-stagnate ourselves by the end of 2013 – good luck!

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