Happy New Beginnings

Happy New Year Headband

Ta-Da Earrings

Planners and Tennis Shoes


For the past week, I’ve been going back and forth in my head about how I wanted to write this first post of 2013. (If you were in my mind, you probably would have wanted to hit yourself with a bat a few times). I knew I wanted it to be a bit of look back at my 2012 but I wasn’t sure how much I actually wanted to get into it. In the end, I decided that I wanted to keep my post like this…

2012 was not my easiest year. However, I can’t sit here and say “2012 was the hardest year of my life. Thank god it’s over!” This isn’t the case at all. In fact, 2012 taught me quite a few really good life lessons. Thank you 2012, you did something some other years couldn’t do (ahem…2011 – you taught me nothing).

This year I learned that I am not Superman invincible. There are things out there that will come at me, scare me or make me fall hard to the ground (kryptonite) —that no matter how much I try to pick myself up, it doesn’t happen right away like it used to. Discouragements will happen, they are not always easy to overcome but you have to learn and move on from them. I saw that over-working, over-thinking or alienating myself are never good ideas. Ultimately, I was faced with the challenge of having to learn how to slow down, take care of myself (mentally and physically) and to breathe.

2012 taught me that there are some things that will just happen because they are supposed to and others are uncontrollable. However there are those that you can grasp a hold of and steer into the direction that you want it to go into. These are the situations that will define your character and make you proud of yourself. I learned that as you get older, you have to focus on taking care of yourself – eating healthy, working-out properly, releasing stress and seeking help when you need it. (Yoga helped me do this; so I thank you downward dog).

I’ve learned that if you truly believe in a dream you have to get out there, work hard and make things happen. If one approach doesn’t work, try two more, if those don’t work – learn from them and try again. Never give up. Stay focused and challenge yourself. (I also learned how to make a pretty darn good cake out of scratch (!)… never a bad thing).

2013 gives me a new slate with a new decade to start living in (my 30s). It gives me the opportunity to start from scratch so that I can finally learn to live how I want to live.

I hope everyone approaches this new year with the hopes of learning something new every day, being you, taking care of yourself and having fun.

2013 – let’s do this.


PS. If you’re wondering if I have any new year’s resolutions. Why yes, I do. I’ll share them with you this week.

PPS. Thank you to a couple of fantastic friends who gave me a few of the items above (you know who you are).

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