2012 // In Dots

2012 Recap_ALL Images copy

Here are a few bits and pieces from my favorite posts this past year. If you’re wondering where one of these “dots” comes from, either check out my Archives/Going Back.. page (over there on the right-side) or shoot me a quick note and I’ll be glad to tell you.

I for one, CAN.NOT.WAIT for my NYE celebrations! One of my best friends, Sheebani and I have gathered together for the last – I don’t know… 8+ years to celebrate NYE together. We pig out, watch chick flicks, read our horoscopes for the next year, drink Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke, talk about how fabulous we are and how amazing the next year is going to be (regardless of how horrid the past year was), write our resolutions and laugh…A LOT. It definitely goes down as one of my Top 10 Best Moments every year. And tonight is going to be no different. Shebz, if you’re reading this…be prepared for my amazing Velveeta and Rotel queso!

I hope everyone has a very fabulous New Year’s Eve…be safe, drink champagne and dance on tables!

2012…what can I say to you? Ah yes, I’m actually kind of glad you’re over. 2013 and I are going to become really good friends…I can feel it!


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