Bows and Lace

I have a lot of favorites when it comes to my wardrobe but this dress definitely takes the cake for all-time favorite. I throw it on whenever I have no idea what I want to wear. (Which is usually 7 days a week – I kid you not). Wait…that just made it sound like I wear this dress every day for 365 days. I mean…I could. I guess there wouldn’t be much to this blog then, huh?

Bows_Combo Image_w Text

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I love this dress. It’s so easy to style up or down and the material is just right enough to wear all year round. Plus, the open back (with the bows might I add) provide great ventilation in the hot months. Yes, this is a huge pro.

If I was wearing this out in the cooler months, I’d throw on a pair of simple black tights, either these knee-highs or another pair of socks, this cream scarf and black boots (usually I wear it with the boots in this post). In the warmer months it’s just the dress and a pair of nude or black flats – easy peasy. Please note that I do wear shoes with this dress. I just thought I’d make it slightly more of a fun post and wear these lace knee-highs then jump around and do lame things. Because, this is who I am.

DSC_1708 copy

DSC_1713 copy

DSC_1722 copy

DSC_1729 _w Text

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